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It’s a Jimmy Thing…

But First, It’s a Boot Camp Thing!

Week 1

 For those of you who took the Boot Camp Challenge this weekend, congratulations.  Even if you were not able to finish the whole thing, it is important that you challenged yourself a little more, so be proud.  You now have next weekend to finish what you started

For those of you who finished the entire Boot Camp Challenge – Whoohoo!  Booyah! – Hoohaa! – and all the appropriate yells that accompany a fine accomplishment.  Please post and let us know how it went for you – I am excited to hear about it – and I am starting a roll call for us Boot Campers so I will put you on it.  I made four different badges for our finishers.  You can choose which one works best for you.  I can also send a badge by email if that works better and I can make them smaller to fit your sidebar (badges 1-3 are 150x150px, badge 4 is 150×103).  

Next Friday I will post Weekend 2’s Boot Camp Challenge – Gear up and Get Ready to Rumble 🙂 


And now it is time for “It’s a Jimmy Thing”

What would you think if I sang out of tune, Would you stand up and walk out on me...

With a little help from my Friends

Mostly on this blog we talk about exercise or some sort of health related topic, and today will not be any different.  You may ask yourself, now what in the world does Joe Cocker have to do with exercise, or living a good life, and that would be a very good question.  Well, besides the fact that I have Joe Cocker’s version of “With a Little Help from my Friends” on my iPod, and it is a great song to run to, this is how getting a little help from my friends helps me:

Without a doubt, we lead busy lives, and all of us are either working to get in better shape or just trying to stay in shape, and I am going to suggest here that it is difficult, if not impossible, to accomplish any of our goals without a little help from our friends.

I, for one, do not want to find out what it would be like not getting a little help from my friends because…When our taxes were due, Greg helped, well, he actually did our taxes, and we even got some money back.  Thanks, Greg.  On Saturday, after I had finished my InPerspire shipping for the day, Darla and I were just about to leave for our bike ride when we received another order, but Dana said, “Go bike riding.  I’ve got this.”  Thanks Dana.  When Darla, Robbie and I were younger, we would visit Darla’s parents in Salt Lake City (if you are wondering, we are not Mormons – we always get asked that question when we mention Salt Lake).  We could fly for free because I worked at Southwest Airlines, which was great, but the best part was that Darla’s parents would not let us pay for anything, because they knew we did not have much money.  Thanks, Carolyn and Danny.  At my going away party, Robbie told the bartender that he spilled his beer, even though we all knew it was mine, just so I could get another beer.  Thanks, Robbie.  Darla, I could fill a book about how much you have helped me, but I will only list a few things here.  Darla keeps me motivated to workout, she told me to quit my job because I was not happy (not many people would have done that), she helps me every day with many of our daily activities, e.g., making lunch, driving me to work, making play lists for me, and fixing my IPod, the list could go on and on.  Thanks Darla, you’re a great friend and wife.

Those are just a few examples of how I get by with a little help from my friends.  How about you?

Have a marvelous Monday!


23 thoughts on “It’s a Jimmy Thing…

  1. Getting ready to go for a walk/run in humid St Louis, I do not think that I will have a problem getting my sweat on. I finished the boot camp yesterday after working out at the gym. My plan was to spred the boot camp over 3 days, but I did not do that, so I did about 10% on Sat and the rest on Sun, but it was all fun.

    • “Would you believe in a love at first sight
      Yes, I’m certain that it happens all the time
      What do you see when you turn out the light
      I can’t tell you but I know it’s mine…”

      Best lines ever. Thanks for the love, Jimmy. Now, get ready for next week’s boot camp!

  2. Love this friend post! Good to let those who are there for us know we appreciate them! I can’t survive without my family & friend support!

    Had a great all weight workout this morn with abs/core as well! LOVE THE WEIGHTS!

  3. I am writing this as sweat is dripping on my computer! It is humid in St. Louis, even at 7 am in the morning. Yes, you heard right, I actually got up at walked/ran at 7am, and do you know why, because the boot camp challenge made me feel so strong and TOUGH.

    I finished the boot camp challenge yesterday. It was a lot of fun, but also a lot of hard work. The jump ropes were not too bad because I have been using my jump rope for awhile, but those jumping jacks, an exercise that is near and dear to my heart, gave me a little trouble after the first 100 🙂 I did a mixture of different kinds of sit ups. Now what about those push ups you ask… wow…they were really hard, but I did them. I deserve my badge.

  4. Well Robbie and I didn’t finish the challenge but we came close. (not really) We each did exactly half of what we were supposed to do, but we think we can do it next week since we got a late start this time. I must say though, I thought it was going to be a piece of cake and almost died again. The jumping rope part was really hard. Even though we didn’t make it all the way through I still feel better about myself because I know I can do it, even though it’s hard.

    • You know what, T-unit? I say better half than none. Congrats on getting started. I am 100% certain that you will finish the entire challenge next week!

  5. I finished the week1 boot camp Sunday!!! Who would’ve thought 300 jumping jacks could be so strenuous! The kids make them look so easy! Looking forward to the next assignment! BTW – I didn’t sign up earlier but came across this challenge via some other blogs so here I am:)

    • Hi Janet 🙂 Congrats on finishing. I thought the same thing about the jumping jacks – much harder than they look – and how is it possible that kids do them so easily! Glad you’re in! ~Karma

  6. I finished the 1st weeks challenge! I thought my kids would want to do the jumping jacks with me but instead they just laughed at me. Didn’t care too much for the push ups… I’m definitely not in push up shape!

    • Yay for finishing! I don’t know if I could have finished the jumping jacks with my kids laughing at me – that just makes me smile thinking about it. Yeah, the push ups, I definitely did girly style, but I was even proud of that 🙂 ~Karma

  7. I finished the challenge! I had to girly pushups, but hey, at least I did them. Thanks for the challenge! Can’t wait for the next one.

  8. I finished yesterday (with the boys) and am going to blog about it tonight. I think I put all of last week’s workouts on last night too (if not, they’re on Saturdays).

    Got out for 6K tonight; it was a much, much better run than last night.

    • Yahoo on finishing the challenge and all the other things (10ks and races and soccer) that you have been up to. Thanks for the heads up on your earlier posts. I will get your gold stars up-to-date – you certainly deserve them. Your post about your 10k with Number 2 in the stroller and your 77-80 F. degree heat (which for us is cool) made me think…oh the lengths we go to. It’s wonderful 🙂 ~Karma

  9. First I want to say Thanks to my friend Jimmy. Without Jimmy in our lives our company would be a mess. We all have our parts but Jimmy always comes through. Plus, if anyone ever gets a chance to meet Jimmy he is one Hell of a lot of fun, with stories that will make you laugh until you cry. I did not complete my bootcamp until today and then I did it all at once, which was not the smartest choice. I agree the jumping jacks were horrible. I know at one point I thought Greg was going to be arrested from me having shaken Dana syndrome. Push ups done, but pathetic. This has really enlightened me. Thanks for the challenge!

  10. Jimmy,

    You comments were a much needed lift to finish an otherwise lackluster day. Thank you for taking the time to recognize all the helpers in your life. You’ve sent the example and now I shall follow…

    As for the challenge, I didn’t get time to complete it yet due to my lovely day job. I will start the quest tomorrow for sure.

    • Hey Kerrie. Now worries. We are flexible people 🙂 If you completed Week 1’s challenge, just post on Monday that you finished both or let me know. Hooah!

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