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It’s a Biggest Loser thing…

“Stand up and Finish what you Started.”  ~Bob Harper

That is exactly what the winner of last night’s Biggest Loser did…he finished what he started!  Congratulations to Michael, Season 9 winner of the Biggest Loser!  But, Michael really won much more than the title of the Biggest Loser and 250k, he won his life back.

Michael – Then

Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Michael – Now

Photo: NBC

Michael started the show at 526 lbs (yes, you read that number correctly), the heaviest contestant ever on the Biggest Loser, but tonite at the finale he weighed in at 262 lbs.  He lost 50.19% of his body weight.  Now that’s amazing and makes for a really good and happy story.  Mike’s journey wasn’t easy.  He struggled, physically and emotionally, but each week, as he continued to lose more weight, you could just see the joy in Michael’s face as he begin to see the possibilities.

My other favorite contestant, besides O’Neal (seeing him walk up the stairs on the Biggest Loser without help was so moving), was Daris.  I think everyone was pulling for Daris.  I am guessing that although he didn’t win the big prize, he is not disappointed because his journey is just about to begin.

Daris – Then

Photo: NBC

 Daris – Now 

Photo: NBC

 Many of the contestants at the finale looked beautiful (others looked good on the outside, but you could see that they still needed mork work on the inside).  It was an inspirational season to be sure, e.g., I found it moving that in the midst of weighing in for the finale Michael was still talking about having finished a marathon (it meant so much to him), and I appreciated the contestants for less game playing and more pulling together and for each other. 

And, let’s not forget Bob & Jillian who work miracles each and every season.  Bob & Jillian you both rock!

All for One and One for All!


12 thoughts on “It’s a Biggest Loser thing…

  1. I agree it was a very inspiring season and so many ended up looking and I’m sure feeling so good! Congrats to all of them!

  2. I have not watched the Biggest Loser this year, but I will say that seeing the pics. is really something else. Anyone that can make that much difference in themselves, is amazing. Congrats to them all.

    I am leaving in a few minutes to take the dog out for his usual run in the park. It’s beautiful here today so we should have a great time. Hope everyone else has a great day also. M.

  3. I was pulling for Daris too BUT I apreciate that he did not do what some other winners had & that was get too thin almost like “contest ready”. I understand that in the need to win the moeny BUT I think Daris looks awesome! And yes, Michael did amazing things as did a some of those older ladies on there & I felt they actually did better than the younger ones & it is harder for the older gals!

    OK, today was cardio, triceps, biceps, shoulders, core/abs. Great workout!

    • I totally agree about Daris, He just looked great and seemed so happy. It was kind of weird Season this year – I am not exactly sure what I mean by weird, but it just felt different the whole way through. Yes, the older gals looked better than the younger ones!

  4. Today is Day 2 of no exercise for me. I allow myself two days off so that when things get too hectic I don’t make myself completely crazy trying to get it all done. However, Day 2 of no exercise means that I have four days of “No Excuses” – on top of the boot camp challenge this weekend – that should make for an “interesting” weekend.

  5. I love the Biggest loser! I see so many people at the gym who I know are inspired by this show. They don’t even know that when I see these people who are really trying at the gym it inspires me.

  6. I feel so out of it. First, I struggled with LOST (and, that, I definitely was). Biggest Loser is another show that I just don’t watch (well, I really don’t watch much t.v.). Thank goodness for blogs and friends who can give me some idea of what is and isn’t happening.

    Up north, the heat is happening. We’ve been hit with such a wave; it is quite a shock to our systems as we were wearing layers just two weeks ago. I’m trying to get acclimatized quickly and think I’m making progress. Running is tough – and I don’t know if it is due to heat, asthma or a combination of the two. Regardless, I got out for 6K again tonight – with 31C temperatures (humidex at 38C). That’s a huge jump from last week’s highs.

    • I was totally lost on LOST too, although I tried for awhile. I am a sucker for the Biggest Loser and…So You Think You Can Dance, which starts again tomorrow night. I promise to keep you up on those two shows and I will most likely get sucked into watching Jillian Michaels’ new show, so I will let you know.

      It is quite a shock to the system when the weather goes from cold to hot in the blink of an eye. We have had our air conditioning on for a few days now, but it is just because of the humidity. I am glad to hear you were able to get your run in tonite – despite the weather and asthma – goodness – I don’t know you do it! Cheers. ~Karma

    • Hey Fashion – Are you doing a 5k? If so, then 4 miles is SO good and you are SO ready! I can’t wait to hear how things go on Monday. You are going to rock it. Don’t you just love the BL. ~DD

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