Today’s “It’s a Jimmy Thing” is all about mixing it up.  We all know that a key element to staying healthy is staying active in mind and body and Karma posted a brain exercise a few weeks ago.  Here is the link for those of you who did not get a chance to read it: Is your medulla oblongata flabby?

It’s easy to stay with our same, everyday routines – we drive the same way to work every day, jog the same trail, or take the same fitness class from the same instructor.  Doing the same thing is comfortable.  But you know what’s more fun?  Mixing it up now and then – think Picaso or blended margaritas.   You can start small.  Take a different route to work tomorrow (but make sure you know the way so you don’t get lost, end up being late for work, and get fired – that would mix it up in a whole different way).  Do something simple like taking the back streets to work.  Take the same exercise class you always take, but from a different instructor.  Karma loves her Zumba, but the other day there was a new instructor filling in for her regular instructor and she said she felt a little uneasy.  It isn’t all that fun not knowing the moves, but she approached it with an open mind.  She said she worked her brain as hard as her body just trying to learn new steps and rhythms.  She also ended up enjoying herself and it opened up a whole new “Zumba” world to her, which is good because she is going to do Zumba for the Cure 2010 on June 11th, and now she knows a few more steps (that will make us all happier, if you know what I mean).  One word of caution, when you do decide to mix-it-up, be prepared to experience some discomfort (that’s part of the “fun”) so keep an open mind and relax.

When it comes to keeping our heart strong and our muscles toned, sometimes we do not have time to go to the gym or for a run.  You can mix-it-up by going “Old School” (one of my favorite movies, by the way).  You can do our weekend boot camp challenge, or just doing the same kinds of “boot camp” exercises on your own (who knew that jumping jacks, wall squats and planks could be so tiring?).  I have also added a medicine ball to my daily routine, which has challenged me in new ways, and I started doing the 30 Day Shred, which has opened up a whole new world of exercises for me.  I even did the 30 Day Shred in my office while waiting for a phone call the other day because I knew I would not have the time to go for an afternoon jog.  I went to iTunes and started the 30 day shred, and when I was finished I felt great.  So, try out a new workout dvd or add a medicine ball, a bosu ball, or just something fun to your normal workout routine.

One final thing I am going to do (you can put this down as one of my goals) is to work on my old Schwinn Sierra mountain bike.  Darla and I have always loved riding bikes and a number years ago we replaced our old mountain bikes with new ones.  How old were the bikes we replaced, well, our son Robbie used to ride in the child’s bike seat on the back of my Schwinn; he is 24 years old now.  Anyway, to give my mind a  challenge, and give me a sense of accomplishment, I am going to work on my old red Schwinn and get it back on the road.  I am going to turn my bike into my shopping and post office bike.

Have you mixed it up lately?  Let us know.


7 thoughts on “Mix-it-Up

  1. Hey Forest Jimmy–Love the way you make people think of different rules to change their days around from the usual thing. Today I did take Dano to the same park, but changed the direction we usually walk in, and decided to try the neighborhood around the park also. Nice to see all a little different scenery.

    Hope everyones Memorial day went a great, and today will be even better. M.

  2. Good for you to mix up your walk with the dog. I will be mixing up my drive to Wash U and TJ’s, by heading to downtown STL first. Today was going to be a weight day, give my ankle one more day of rest, but it turned into an off day, because I am headed downtown. We need to stay flexible.

  3. I love mixing it up & do every workout in terms of order, exercsies, weights & more. I have also made larger changes over the years as I listen to my bod & it usually tells me when I need a big mix it up vs. the smaller ones!

    Good cardio, chest, abs/core workout this morn!

  4. I won’t call you Sir Mix-A-Lot because then I know you would break into the song…but I agree with you 100% that mixing it up is good for us. I am not always keen to mix things up, but I when I do I usually end up liking the results.

    Jody – That’s smart — mixing up your weight routine so your muscles are always surprised. I know you tell your readers to do this on your blog – they need to listen 🙂

    Cdale – Good for you – changing up the way you walk. What did Dano think about it?

  5. Alright…….my foundation crumbled but i’m rebuilding…….The internet got shut off at my house, i quit waffle house in st. robert, I worked out to stay on one day in rolla, I went to dallas and met my boyfriends family, I started my classes today and am now on an epic search for a part time job that creates a change for me but doesn’t conflict with school…….I turned in applications today only to be fed the lines i have fed so many other applicants applying at waffle house…….only difference is i have some pretty good history……oh well it is only one day into the search…..I still can’t breathe though…..eeeep, today I didnot do special excercising…..just some serious cleaning…….I have the house to myself for ten days……..It is so hot though…..booooo…….ugh the washing machine is broken again…….good night all……hope to be back tomorrow

  6. As adults, we have to work hard to embrace change; we get so use to our daily routines and patterns. It reminds me of the saying, “If it’s not broken, why try to fix it.” Mixing isn’t fixing; it’s just improving it.

  7. Well put Cynthia! Hang in there Smith, it can only get better. Mixing it up sometimes brings a new love for a different exercise into your life. Thanks spin for the mix-up.

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