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Sometimes You Gotta’ Lose to Win

Miss Jillian

Last night was the debut of “Losing it” with Jillian Michaels.  I was both excited and a little afraid to watch.  Excited, because if the show was good it would fill the void left by the end of this season’s Biggest Loser.  I am an inspirational junkie and crave the motivational high that the Biggest Loser provides each week.  Afraid, because there was definitely potential for the show to be corny and just downright bad.  I’ve said it before, I have not always been a big fan of Jillian, however, her methods work and she genuinely seems to have her clients’ best interests in mind when she’s yelling and bringing them to tears :).  Plus, I love the 30 day Shred – she rocks that workout.

The verdict: I really enjoyed “Losing It”.  What did I like about the show?  I liked the fact that Jillian was able to help one family face some of the problems at the root of their unhealthy lifestyles.  You know, those unsaid things and unmet needs that make us reach for food instead of love.  Those things that make us choose sitting in front of the TV for hours, instead of getting up to go for a walk, and contribute to us not loving ourselves enough to make the changes we need.

My favorite quotes from last night’s show:

I don’t just walk in and you get healthy. I’m not a freakin’ genie.  ~JM

Father:  I like to eat until I’m satisfied.
Jillian:  So what you’re telling me is that you are never satisfied because you never stop eating.

Trying is planning to fail.  ~JM

Why are you choosing failure, when you can choose success.  ~JM

You’ve been to the bottom, why not go to the top.  ~JM

 Final verdict…who could not love the fact that Jillian helped one family realize that their belief that, “food is our glue” was wrong.  Food is not their glue, love is.  Yes, I definitely got my inspirational high. 

And now onto other inspirational things… 

the Mystery Gift Winner for May is…

Erica at Fashion Meets Food!

Congratulations!  Erica worked out every day for 31 days – what were you thinking?!  Kidding, that is really quite an accomplishment and so is finishing your first 5k yesterday.  You are on a roll!  The winner of the May Gold Star Challenge, a.k.a, “No Excuses”, was promised a mystery gift and here it is:  A Biggest Loser (because I know you like the Biggest Loser) “Green” water bottle and Biggest Loser Whey Protein Powder (I love this stuff!).  Cheers!!!

I end today’s post with the biggest message from last night’s “Losing It”.

“Let Go”

Whatever that means for you – just do it.

P.S.  What about the Gold Star Challenge for June?  Jimmy and I have something planned.  It will involve a little  B-I-N-G-O and exercise, so be sure to keep posting your workouts and I will give you your gold stars (I will have everything up and running by Saturday, at the latest).


16 thoughts on “Sometimes You Gotta’ Lose to Win

  1. Good Morning—Went early today for our walk, and now I am on my way to G/R to do some things for her. In a few hours it is to the airport to pick up Aunt Penny. She is in town for a few days. I would imagine all of us will be busy this coming weekend.

    I will try to get some more exercise done this afternoon. See ya! M.

    • CD – You keep youself so busy. Jimmy said this morning, after we read your post, “CD has made some serious changes this past year, quitting smoking (a huge accomplishment), and really working at staying in shape. You are setting a good example for all of us. ~Karma

    • Glad you liked the quotes – I thought the first one about “I’m not a freakin’ genie” was so funny. I actually wish a genie would show up at my door somedays 🙂 ~Karma

  2. I did not get to watch the show, but I did hear all about it, and it sounds like it could be a good show. Today we went for a walk/run, I did not want to run too hard because my ankle still hurts a little. Our walk/run did turn into more of a run when we passed someone and they said hurry up before the storm hits. I looked at Darla and asked her if she heard anything about a storm, she said no, so we stayed with the same pace. When we turned the corner we saw it, huge black mountains of clouds, heading right at us, that is when we picked up the pace. We made it home and did sit-ups, push-ups, and watched the rain.

  3. I really liked Jillian’s new show, too! Her quotes were motivating! Did my 45-minutes of weight training yesterday. Zumba class is tonight! Ordered my first insperspire towels to pick up at Zumba for the Cure next Friday!

  4. Like, Jimmy said, we went out for our walk/run. I felt really good today and the storm definitely helped push me along a little. We did abs, push ups (boot camp has given me the push I need to start doing push ups on a daily basis), squats (without weights), and calf raises (without weights).

  5. Hi, Karma. I know I’m going to love my towels, too! Thank you for mailing them. It was a hard choice because they are all really inspiring! You have a great website and blog, too! I’m going to try the Gold Star challenge for June…I like the idea of checking in with others challenging themselves. And it will keep me accountable for my exercising!

    Zumba class was fun tonight! It never feels like working out even though it burns lots of calories. I am really looking forward to Zumba for the Cure, too!! It will be a blast!!

  6. I did not get to see this yet but I will be checking the next episode out for sure! Congrats to Erica, you totally earned it! Mary you are going to love your towel. My towels, because I have a thousands of them, have become as important as my i-pod for my workouts. I hope you love it!

  7. Thanks, Dana. I just got an MP3 player a couple weeks ago, too, so I’m set to work out!

    And congratulations, Erica!! Wow! Working out 31 days in a row is very impressive and very inspiring! Congratulations on your first 5K!

  8. Wow!!! Thank you so much and thank you everyone for the congratulations! I wouldn’t suggest working out for 31 days in a row…. it’s not fun, and it burns you out! I only did it to try to break away from the plateau that I am stuck on, and it really didn’t work at all. I have never used protein powder before so that’ll be interesting. Since everyone here has been so inspiring I was curious if it would be okay if I gave the winner of June’s gold star challenge a little something as well… I can email you and let you know about it and see what you think. Everyone here is so encouraging and absolutely fabulous!

    xo love you all!

  9. Erica – You are so fab – in so many ways! Jimmy was going to send you an email tomorrow to confirm your address (he thinks we have it), but if you want to email me that would be great: dddale at wustl dot edu. You are so generous. I will give the low down on the protein powder 🙂

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