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Day 165 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

The InPerspire Bingo word for today is: Losing It

Boot Camp Challenge Week 3

If you completed Week 3’s Boot Camp Challenge, post and let us know, and then give yourself a BIG pat on the back!  Badges for Week 3 are at the bottom of the post.  Be Proud. Walk Proud.  We said, “Bring It On” and you Brought It!

Our towel of the month is Sweat is Sexy! 

Einstein had it right. There is no denying that sweat is sexy. You can celebrate sweat (and sweating) with a “Sweat is Sexy” towel.  Our towel of the month is on special for $8 — That’s $2 off the regular price!

Need a Father’s Day gift?  Keep your father happy, dry, and motivated by giving him a towel to take to the gym or to use after his run. Your dad isn’t an exerciser? Now is the time to get him started. He can begin by walking short distances, gradually increasing his speed and distance. Walk with your dad to give him encouragement and to enjoy each other’s company. A family that sweats together, lives together.

I Think That I Shall Never See a Thing as Lovely as a Sweaty Tee!

In the spirit of our Towel of the Month a few fun facts about S-W-E-A-T.

Sweat is made up of water, potassium, salt (a mix of sodium and chloride), and small amounts of waste products.

We have 2-4 million sweat glands in our body.

Women have more sweat glands than men, but men’s sweat glands are more active.

Ever wonder why your t-shirts get yellow stains in the underarm or collar area? We have two types of sweat glands: eccrine and approcrine. The approcrine glands are responsible for the “yellowish” stains because they contain proteins and fatty acids and their secretions are thicker and yellowish in color. That’s kind of gross, but nice to know!

All this talk about sweat, has me wondering how many of you were able to complete the boot camp challenge this weekend?  I cannot wait to find out!


P.S.  Boot Camp badges for Week 3:



15 thoughts on “Day 165 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

    • I know what you mean, on my workout days I must be one of the sexiest women around!

      Your weights are already done and now you have the whole day ahead of you :).

  1. I am ready to go get my sweat on, in St. Louis it is not that hard, we have a bit of humidity.
    I had a busy weekend, between being busy and my ankle still hurting I did not do the Boot Camp, I think that if I would have I would not be walking much this week, and I need to get ready for Zumba for the cure.

  2. Went for a 4mile walk this morning (we are rehabbing Jimmy’s ankle).

    Finished Boot Camp 3! When I looked at the list of things I had to do after Zumba yesterday (I did the jump ropes and jacks the day before) I thought, I don’t think I can do this, then I just started whittling away at the numbers of each of the exercises and it wasn’t that bad. The side-to-side lateral jumps were obviously good for me and I enjoyed the hopscotch. Push ups – not so much enjoyment – but I must say I am getting better and better at an exercise I consider to be my nemesis. I am thinking about getting a speed/agility drill ladder (or we may just draw one with chalk on our driveway) and continue to do these kinds of exercises.

    I will update this week’s Roll Call as you post 🙂

  3. We did our walk, I think it was 4.6 miles not 4.0, now I need to get back to work, because I have a ton of it to do, and I need to head to the Post Office. I hope all of you have a great day.

  4. What else do you have for us?!?! I survived another week. This is great training for the Warrior Challenge (5k obstacle course) I have coming up. I drew an agility ladder in chalk and the entire family came up with all kinds of things to do with it! I should probably sign them up for the boot camp too! Thanks for another inspiring weekend!

    • Janet – Look at you – You are asking “What else to you have for us?!” – That’s just saying: Bring It On! This is fantastic. Also, drawing the agility ladder so the kids can play too just makes me smile. I will go to your site to check out this Warrior’s Challenge – a 5k with obstacles – my first obstacle would be the 5k! Congrats on your successful completion of another Boot Camp Challenge.

      • Go to to see more about the race. We are doing the one in Joliet, IL on 6/19. Think fire jumping, crawling thru mud trenches, scaling walls, hay bales and junk cars, crawling thru tubes and tires, etc… oh yeah.. and running a 5k in amongst the obstacles 🙂

  5. I need to try Zumba, but I am sooo not a dancer.
    Greg made it to the gym today for a great workout I rode my bike around the neighborhood. I am so tired from being up since 3 A.M. I can barley function. Tomorrow I am planning a big ride and some bootcamp make- up work.

  6. I sweat more than my husband, I’m sure. I didn’t know that there are two different types of sweat glands. I wonder if these means that people with lower fat diets have less yellow sweat; that would motivate me to cut back on fat!
    I did not finish the Boot Camp. With two races this week, that has to be my focus. I’ll be in the next one .

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