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Are You Feelin’ Sassy Today?

InPerspire BINGO word of the day: squats

Awhile back, around Day 90 or so of our 365 Day Odyssey, I posted about water.  Given that yesterday’s post was about sweat, and from reading your comments it appears that a high proportion of us really get our sweat on, I thought I would reprise my earlier post as a reminder of the importance of water in our daily lives AND post a fabulous recipe for Sassy Water.  Sassy Water rocks!  It quenches your thirst and just makes you feel soooooooo good. 

But, first things first, why is water so important to us?  For one thing, our bodies are approximately 60% water and every system in our body depends on water to function properly and keep us going.  Everyone knows that drinking water is an essential part of staying healthy, but what we might overlook is exactly how drinking water and staying hydrated helps us.  I found a nifty chart, created by the Mayo Clinic, showing how water functions in our bodies, but the figure they use in their chart is SUPER “funky” so I created my own version of the chart using a more attractive image :).

It is amazing how much water does for us.  Drinking the proper amount of water keeps us from getting dehydrated (even mild dehydration can make you feel fatigued).  Have you ever wondered why the more you sweat, the more difficult it becomes to workout?  This is because sweat is made from fluids in our blood, so the harder you sweat, the thicker your blood becomes, and the harder your heart has to work to pump blood (How Things   

How much water you need each day depends on things like how active you are, where you live (hot or humid climates make us sweat more), and your overall health.  A general rule of thumb is to drink 8-8oz glasses of water a day.  Of course, you don’t have to get all your fluids from water. You get some fluids from your foods (~20% per day), and you can drink beverages other than water, e.g., tea, to up your fluid intake, but think of water as the no calorie way to stay healthy.

Now for my favorite…Sassy Water (recipe from – it’s part of their Flat Belly Diet):

2 Quarts of water
12 Mint leaves
1 Cucumber peeled and sliced thin
1 teaspoon of grated ginger
1 Lemon sliced thin

Fill a container with 2 quarts of water.  Break off 12 mint leaves and place into the water.  Thoroughly wash the lemon rind. Slice very thin and add to water.  Peel the cucumber, slice really thin, and add it to the water.  Grate the ginger root on the fine section of your grater. Add to the water.  Put the water in your fridge and let it get cold. Overnight is recommended.

Get your sweat on and get your water in today!


10 thoughts on “Are You Feelin’ Sassy Today?

  1. Great to follow up that sweat post with drink your water.. yup, we need to hydrate & rehydrate. .. especially in warmer months! I come to thy gym with a full water bottle & usually have to refill while I am there! Then I drink at home thru the day.

    Good cardio & weights for chest plus abs/core too! Did lots of push-ups! 🙂

  2. Karma has always told me to drink more water. That is something I really need to do. I will try to get better at it this summer.

    Day two of having furnace and air conditioner installed in our home. It seems like it will never get done. At least it isn’t steaming hot right now.

    Haven’t done much in the exercise department yesterday and I’m sure today will be about the same. The patio is the only thing getting in shape around here right now. Have a good day. M.

    • Now, M, you know what Jillian Michaels would say about your statement, “I will try to get better at drinking water this summer”? She would say, “trying is planning to fail”. Let’s reword that statement a bit and say, “I will drink more water this summer” because Karma will be watching me and making sure I do 🙂

      Hope you get your heating and cooling together soon. Just remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day ;).

  3. Getting an AC put in I just may need to pay Salt Lake City a visit. Now about this Bingo game that I helped design, I did not pick a good card, I only have one Bingo word for the first 8 days.
    Water, one thing that I do is drink tons of water, Dana and Greg’s son Max said that he has never seen anyone drink so much water.
    Today, will be a weight day for me, my ankle feels good but I do not think that I should go out running on it.
    So my day looks like this, working at InPerspire and lifting weights during my work, try to cut out a little early and get some yard work done, and then make something good to eat for my lady.

    • Jimmy actually has 2 bingo squares (one word and the free square), but don’t despair, Jimmy, who knows, you may get on a streak and there are still plenty of days left in the month. My card has four words squares and the free square filled, but, unfortunately, I don’t have 5 in a row, and I still have a ways to go to get my 15 workout days in!

  4. Janet, thanks for the website for the Warrior Dash in Joliet. That looks AMAZING! That is so cool you are participating in that. Let us know how it goes…I may try it myself next year! 🙂 It would be a very unique goal to work towards!

    My sister and I did the Hustle Up the Hancock in Chicago this spring; I really liked having a different goal to look forward to beyond a 5K. Put more pressure on me in a good way. 🙂 She will be visiting from Chicago this weekend, and I’m going to surprise her with an “I AM TAKING THE STAIRS” towel…I’m going to give it to her when she goes to Zumba with me Sunday! Of course I had to order one for myself, too! Maybe I can recruit my sister for the Warrior Dash in a year, too!

    I’m going to the gym for resistance/weight training. Check in later.

  5. Oh my goodness, Janet and Mary, the Warrior Dash looks awesome! I got excited just watching the slideshow. Janet – I cannot believe you are doing this, it looks like so much fun. Jimmy did something like this, a long time ago, when we lived in California. I will get him to spill the beans on his experience. I totally want to train for this, although, truth be told, even though I dig in the dirt, I am not much for mud :).

    Mary, your “Stairs” towels couldn’t be more perfect for you & your sister and your Hustle Up the Hancock climb. I looked into doing the Master the Met event in St. Louis, but by the time I really got serious about it, they had closed registration. Both you and Janet have made me decide that I need to think and plan ahead and come up with a goal that is different and unique.
    Thanks for inspiring me today. This Warrior Dash is so intriguing…

    I may try to do weights later on, but my bee sting “situation” has gotten a bit worse and I had to take two Benadryl last night, which has sidelined me a bit. I will just wait and see.

  6. Just got back from my one-hour weights/resistance training at the gym! Had to drag myself there in the rainy weather, but kept reminding myself how good I would feel afterwards!

    Karma, I felt those “I AM TAKING THE STAIRS” towels were made for my sister and me, too! I actually told her that I wanted to do the Master the Met, and she was the one who suggested the Hustle Up the Hancock since she lives in Chicago!

    The Warrior Dash does sound awesome! I would love to hear about Jimmy’s experience with a similar race if he’s willing to spill the beans to the whole group!

    And, Dana, I would really encourage you to try Zumba at least a few time. It actually took me at least a month to get up enough nerve to try. But I quickly became addicted to it in a good way! I also tried out different teachers’ classes to find one I liked that was a good fit for me…since some are fast, some slower, some low impact, some high impact. I was so000 not a dancer either…only danced fast at weddings when I was Maid of Honor or another member of the bridal party and the brides told me it was my “duty” to dance and get others on the dance floor, too. But the Zumba teacher I have now is amazing and makes us all feel like dancers!

    Happy Tuesday to all. Looking forward to seeing Losing It tonight!

    p.s. Karma, I hope your sting improves. Sorry to hear it got worse.

  7. The recipe looks great. I’ll have to try it. Our boys are huge water drinkers and I’m so grateful for that.

    I raced a 10K tonight and it almost didn’t happen. I was directed to the start line for the 5K, which was about 500 metres away from the 10K. The 10K runners left just before I realized I was in the wrong spot. Long story – it’s on my blog if you have time to read it. I was pretty excited by the time I finished writing it.

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