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It’s a Jimmy Thing on Day 168

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A Trip to the Doctor’s Office

Have you ever visited a Doctor’s office in a large medical center?  I think  most of us have.  Karma and I get the pleasure of visiting our dermatologist two times a year, part of the left over joys of living in California in the era of get as tan as you can, although my journey with the sun actually started in Florida, so I am doubly lucky.  Now most of you are probably thinking, “Oh great, another post about sunscreen”, but you would be wrong, for the most part.

When it’s my turn for an appointment with the skin doctor I wait until the very last minute before I head to the elevator and take the ride to the eleventh floor.  When my appointment is over, I take the fastest route out of the building.  Why?  Because I do not like to see sick people, not because I think that I may catch something from them, but because I feel bad for them, and the idea of them gets stuck in my head.  Sounds a little crazy, I know.

The other day when I went with Karma to her appointment, I saw some people in very bad health.  We were in a medical building, after all, so seeing people in bad health was not out of the ordindary, however, what struck me was that although some of the people had no control over their illnesses, and would have been out running or riding bikes if they could, others were very unhealthy as the result of inactivity and unhealthy lifestyles.  If they had made some different choices, they may have avoided the medical building altogether.  I am sure you all know a person or persons who fit that description.

So, where exactly am I going with this post?  Well, the other day when I got out of bed to go downstairs to make my tea, and Karma’s ice coffee, Karma asked me if my back was sore (I guess the way I was walking made her ask me that).  I said, “No, I am fine”, but in truth my back, legs, feet, and arms were all sore, because I have been exercising, and because I am getting a little older, but after being reminded of the consequences of inactivity I have a new found appreciation for my sore muscles and the little aches and pains that go with being active.   

So even though your muscles may hurt sometimes, and you may feel a little stiff, take it as a sign of making a good life for yourself, one that is full of health and happiness, and hopefully, free of medical buildings.  Sore muscles and few aches and pains certainly triumph doctor’s appointments and medication any day – any way.

Also, wear sunscreen.  I put it on my face every day, yes, even when it is snowing in St. Louis.


7 thoughts on “It’s a Jimmy Thing on Day 168

  1. Great post! I did do a sunscreen post BUT I wear it & looking for the better option sunscreens out there!

    AND YES, I love the after the gym workout sore muscle feel! DOMS – delayed onset muscle soreness! Crazy but I like to feel the workout!

    Good cardio, legs and back workout today!

  2. A good reminder post Jimmy. My family knows that this Spring I went to the dermatologist and came out looking like I had been in a car wreck. I had so many pre-cancer spots all over my face, arms, and hands. Along with the wrong kind of diet and exercise, I thought I could get away with it all. Now all is catching up with me. Hopefully I will change things this year. (I know Darla, not hopefully, but–I will.)

    My partner is waiting for our walk, altho it is raining and much cooler today I am going out anyway. Pay good attention to Jimmy’s post today. No one wants to end up in a Dr. Office. M.

  3. C Dale, you have made some great changes in your life, You no longer smoke and you are exercising at least 5 days per week. Now if you would drink more water and wear sunscreen.
    When I first went to the dermatologist it was because I had a sore on my arm that was not healing, after 2 years, yes I waited 2 years, and I had great health insurance. The doctor told me about a farmer who came to see him because he had a whole in his ear, and when he would drive his tractor the wind would cause a whistle in his ear, he did not care about the sun damage, he just wanted the noise to stop.
    I did weights on Wed and they must have worked because my arms are sore, today will do the 30 day shred in my office, one of the joys of working for yourself, you can take time out in your day for exercise.

  4. Great post, Jimmy!
    That was my only New Year’s resolution this year…to wear sunscreen everyday. So far, so good!

    Got to the gym this morning for an hour of resistance/weight training…planks, crunches presses, pulldowns, squats, push-ups, curls, etc.
    Have a great Thursday!

  5. I need to start wearing more sunscreen. I know what you are talking about, how people who do not exercise are always so sick. Even in my office, we have people that are so out of shape and wonder why they are having such major health issues!! This post makes me want to take care of myself and family even more.

  6. Oh my goodness, I am little late tonite. Day 3 of no exercise 😦 I am swamped, actually, make that submerged with work right now, but I am staying positive. Tomorrow night is Zumba for the Cure! I am super excited. InPerspire is donating $1 per towel sold to ZftCure 2010 and we are ready to salsa, merengue, reggaeton, and cumbia our little hearts out.

  7. I’m terrible with sunscreen. I’m good about getting it on my boys but I often forget about me. I scorched my back at a track meet last Tuesday and the top of my back is still tender. The sun is so dangerous.

    So, now I’m making sure that I’m covered when I’m out. My biggest challenge is finding a good sunscreen when I run; most irritate my eyes when I start to sweat. It will certainly be a summer of trials.

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