Doing Our Part on Day 170

InPerspire Bingo word for the day:  towel

Mary and Karma

Here we are at Zumba for the Cure 2010.  This is prior to 2 hours of Zumba, after which, my shirt was soaked with so much sweat that Mary wouldn’t have wanted to stand this close. 

It really was a special event.  To see all the women (there were some men) shaking their behinds in unison and singing to the the Zumba songs, all to aid in the fight against breast cancer, was inspiring. 

InPerspire donated towels that were flung into the crowd at intervals throughout the Zumba extravaganza.  Like Mary said, when they were flinging the towels it was like at a baseball game when t-shirts are thrown into the crowd.  The ladies were scrambling and yelling for the towels – it was really nice for me to see – and Mary gave me a dap afterwards :).

The very next day was the Run for the Cure in downtown St. Louis.  We have the largest event in the nation with 71,000+ participants.  Go PINK!

Have fun doing your booty boot camp and power to the people :).


7 thoughts on “Doing Our Part on Day 170

  1. How exciting! I would be jumping for your towels too! 🙂

    Good run this morn. Had to wear the sweatshirt (I get out VERY early) but shorts were fine!!! Did my abs/core prior to the run for a good warm-up!

    I love your vacation plans this year but like you, I sure would love to be in Hawaii!

    • It sounds like this year both you and I are going to have to settle for “aloha” from a distance – maybe next year for both of us! I think much of the west is having unseasonably cold weather – Cdale keeps telling us that she has a furnace on because it is 46 degree is Salt Lake City, brrrrrrrrrrrrr. As is typical for St. Louis we are HOT & HUMID with daily torrential downpours and thus the reason I love to be able to go to the gym!

  2. Jody, I can’t believe you have already had your run for the day. I am still in my pjs.

    Mary, it is so nice to put a face with the person posting. Cute picture of both of you and I have had to be a victim of Karma’s pictures many times.

    Getting ready for our ride, we are having a slow start due to warm weather,our patio,music and red wine last night!! 🙂

  3. Karma—YOU LOOK MARVELOUS! I haven’t seen you in person since you have lost all that weight and inches. WOW. Congratulations. Now we can’t wait to see Jimmy as it sounds like he to is doing great.

    We went for the morning walk, and now we are headed out to do the usual Sunday thing–shopping.

    Mary, Dana is right it is fun to pictures so we know exactly who is writing. That is cool that you and Darla did the Zumba for the cure.
    Way to go— M.

  4. Thanks for the compliments on the pic!
    Unfortunately, rather than bringing my sister to Zumba class this morning, I went to urgent care instead. Injured my foot/leg yesterday going down a water slide into 3 feet of water. The doctor today said that the impact of hitting the concrete flat footed radiated up from my heel to my knee, and the impact resulted in a severe contusion. No exercise for a week. Rest, ice, elevation, and painkillers today.
    Thank goodness for all of you and this blog to help keep my spirits up. Just extremely embarassed that I can Zumba for the Cure for two hours, but can’t go down a waterslide with my little nephew. 🙂 I am exercising vicariously through all of you! 🙂

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