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Losing It on Day 173

Okay, so this picture of “Our Jillian” just cracks me up because it makes her look like some heavenly avenger come to kick butt and save lives — of course — this is exactly what she did last night. 

Once again Jillian took on a family where their weight and health problems were merely symptoms of larger unresolved issues, e.g., the mother was not able to get over a late in life divorce, and her teenage daughters had trust issues, and were afraid to move on in their own lives because they didn’t want to leave their mother.  The mother’s frustration and disappointment with her life was just so obvious and at one point she says, “I’ve fought this stupid body my entire life.”  When she said these words it was just so clear why she could not lose weight — in order to lose weight/get healthy you have to love yourself.  It was clear she did not.  You can’t fight your body, you need to work with it, and you definitely need to love it.  Where would we be without our bodies?  Besides, it wasn’t her body she was fighting, it was herself.

Not surprisingly, once Jillian worked her kick butt magic and was able to get the mother to see how she was hurting herself, and her children, she began to lose weight.  At the end of the show, after only 8 weeks, the mother lost 74 pounds (interestingly, her original goal was to lose 20 lbs because that is all she thought she was capable of, but Jillian increased that number to 40, and look what happened).  In addition to losing weight, and looking truly amazing (she was just beautiful), in just 8 weeks she was also off her blood pressure and cholesterol meds.

Favorite quotes from this evening’s Losing It:

You think everything in life happens to you, therefore, you are always a victim.  ~JM
Change doesn’t have to suck.  ~JM
Loving yourself is taking care of your body and keeping it healthy.  ~JM

Rachel (one of the teenage daughters):  I don’t try that hard because I don’t have to and because then I don’t have to lose at anything. 
JM:  Is that good enough for you?
Rachel:  No
JM:  So stop taking second place!

I especially liked the latter exchange between Jillian and Rachel because so many times I have been afraid to try too hard, or want something too much, or “shine” too brightly because what if I didn’t get what I wanted or what if someone thought I didn’t deserve to “shine”?  Jillian is right, I am going to stop taking second place.

The Losing It theme — PERSEVERANCE-HOPE-POWER — was present throughout the show and brings me to my next point…

Cynthia is hosting a Kids Running for Kids – Virtual Race.  The virtual race will benefit Skipper (SickKids Foundation) and in Cynthia’s case will give back to the hospital that treated her own son when diagnosed with a brain tumor at 5 years old.  You can read Cynthia’s story at the Kids Running for Kids link and also at the fundraising page: Robert’s Run.  Any child under 16 can run for a $2 donation.  There are more details and suggestions on Cynthia’s site.  Jimmy and I are kids at heart so of course we are running!  Spread the word :).

Perseverance, hope, power…I like that.  Have a wonderful Wednesday.  Love yourself.

InPerspire Bingo word of the day:  26.2


11 thoughts on “Losing It on Day 173

  1. Another great episode of Losing It!
    So glad it is on since Biggest Loser is taking a break for the summer.

    It was amazing that the mom’s original goal was to lose 20 pounds in 8 weeks, then Jillian doubled that to 40, then the mom actually lost 74 pounds in 8 weeks! Very inspiring.

  2. What a great post & thoughts too! I often get into that if I don’t do it then I don’t have to worry about failing. My biggest obstacle now & throughout life. Great post!

    Had an awesome workout today.. cardio, biceps, triceps, shoulders, core/abs!

  3. Karma, Your post this morning reminded me of a quote by Marianne Williamson “Our deepest fear.” I’m sure that you know of it, but thought maybe some of the others would like to read it. So much of what you said about yourself is in it. Google Marianne Williamson “Our deepest fear” and it will come up.

    Since I have two lunch dates today, I will have to wait to get our walk in until later. I will surely need it by then. Have a good day. M.

    • M – You are so right! Thanks for reminding me of that quote (here’s my favorite part):

      Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you *not* to be? ~Marianne Williamson

      Thanks for taking us there today. Also, be careful not to eat too much – we don’t want you getting stuck. ~Karma

  4. I started the day off by getting on the scale 188, thats right I am getting back to the weight that I should be. I lost 22 pounds in a little under 6 months.
    Today we went for a walk/run in the hot humid St Louis summer, now I am off to the PO, Robbie’s baseball game, TJ’s, and I hope lunch at some point.

    • Hi Grace 🙂 I had the same trouble finding the time for Jillian’s show – the first week it was supposed to be on at 7 pm and it was on at 9 pm and the second week the same thing. Last night it was on at 7, but we missed the first part because of the president’s speech. I am not sure which dvd you have, but the 30 Day Shred is awesome, and awesomely hard, in my opinion. ~Karma

  5. I am always so impressed with the patience and committment that people take to improve their health and their lifestyles. My husband started a similar journey in April and has dropped 10 pounds.

    Thanks for the shout out about Kids Running for Kids.

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