Boot Camp

Day 175 of our 365 Day Odyssey

I have thunder thighs. And that is a compliment because they are strong and toned and muscular and though they are unwelcome in the petite section they are cheered on in marathons. Fifty years from now, I’ll bounce my grandchildren on my thunder thighs, and then I will go out for a run.  ~Nike

So, let’s go out this weekend and celebrate our “thunder thighs” by making them even stronger and even more capable of carrying us through life with grace and strength.  Let’s celebrate them, not curse them, for making possible all those things we love to do like bouncing babies on our knees, and gardening, and walking dogs, and biking, and dancing, and running — running with our children, husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, friends, and ourselves.  Run or jump or skip or ride or dance or boot camp this weekend and get strong!

Boot camp challenge:

100 jumping jacks
50 seal jacks
50 toe touch (or knee touch wherever you can reach) jacks
300 jump ropes
20 suicides
100 push ups
25 plank leg lifts (see last Friday for a description if you need one)
100 crunches
50 bicyle crunches

Happy Sweating!

P.S.  The Inperspire Bingo word for the day is: biking


11 thoughts on “Day 175 of our 365 Day Odyssey

  1. I am so happy you liked the post, Mary. As a girl who previously did not like her thunder thighs I was really inspired by the Nike ad. It’s funny how something so small can twist your perspective so that you can finally see the “light”.

    Today is another day off exercise for me – I am spending my day making sure freshman are ready for the fall semester ;).

  2. I printed that out and put it on my frig! I have a ghetto booty so in college the thunder thighs were always what I hated. Well my stomach and arms too… I am going to work on Booty Camp badges just because I think they’re be fun for next week!

    Wednesday and Thursday i did 5k’s and felt like I was going to die lol. Yet I know that I can do it!

    I am off to do a kettleworx workout, and I just wanted to say that because of you I bought a tub of protein powder to mix with smoothies and pudding, and its actually keeping me full so much longer. Maybe I will shed some weight!

    xo enjoy your weekend! I will try to go down by the pool but it makes me so freaking insecure!!

  3. Erica, get down by that pool, if I had a pool I would be in it, it was 85 at 8:30am in St Louis today, I think we should reach the mid 90’s with high humidity.
    Today I have a ton of InPerspire work to do because we are headed out of town tomorrow and I do not plan on working this weekend.
    For exercise, my plan is no traditional exercise but in a few hours I will stop working and go cut the grass and clean things up outside that should take about 3 hours, that would be 3 hours in 95 degree heat, so I should get my sweat on, plenty of water and sunscreen.

  4. Great weekend to everyone .Greg and I will be going the the Brewer’s festival then onto a fabulous bike ride, in the rain. Seattle had great Winter weather but just okay spring so far.

  5. Dana, to bad u and Greg will not be here in S.LC. we will miss you guys. It is around 80 degrees here today, absolutely beautiful. yay!

    Great post Karma, You always hit home for many of us. Can’t wait until tomorrow…..


  6. YUP, I have big legs for my size too… more like gymnastic looking legs… not too big but meatier than people my height! 🙂

    Think I may do some planks later as I watch a couple recorded shows!

  7. This post hit home. I had a roommate who we affectionately nicknamed “Thunder thighs”. She was a provincial skier and a hopeful for the national team. Her thighs were bigger and more muscular than all of ours.

    Now, whenever I see skiers or skaters, I can’t help but think “Thunder thighs”. Such power these legs carry.

  8. I am getting to everyone’s posts late – it’s been a long day – but I have to tell you that reading your comments actually made me start to tear up. Your voices are so powerful, so unique. Thanks sharing your experiences and thoughts. I needed that.

    I was one of the girls who had “big” thighs when I was younger and never valued them — that’s why (I think) these Nike ads strike such a chord with me. They make me realize that what our culture has deemed negative is actually quite postive. I danced with some girls who were proud of their “bigger” thighs and rounder behinds, and they taught me a lot of things, one of them being, that I now run in a whole new way — I think of my rounder, wider backside as an asset and I run with swagger now. It feels good.

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