Day 176 of Our 365 Day Odyssey

As with all odysseys, we are on a journey this weekend, off to Salt Lake City to visit my dad for Father’s Day.  I love going home —  to see my parents  — and the place  where I grew up — where my roots and I become one again.   It is a place filled with my life.  It is a place where the mountains rise up in such a way that you feel you are at the foot of the beginning of the sky.  Each night the canyon breeze blows, winding its way past the granite outcrops and scrub oaks, first rustling the ivy on our fence, to let us know it is there, and then stirring the wind chimes helping them begin their song of ancient times.  I am home.

Enjoy your Saturday, your weekend, your life!

InPerspire Bingo word of the day:  lunge


7 thoughts on “Day 176 of Our 365 Day Odyssey

  1. Oh my–What a beautiful tribute to S.L.C. and to your Dad and I. We love it, brought tears to both our eyes, although he would never admit it. ha
    We are so excited to get both of you back here. Hurry will you!

    Hope all have a great weekend.

  2. I wish we were there to celebrate Dad’s day! I love this post and it makes me a bit homesick, which is hard for me to admit since everyone knows how muchI love Seattle. Thanks for the post, it actually brought tears to my eyes.Have fun in the big S.L.C.

  3. What a wonderful tribute & have fun!!!! I miss my dad terribly!

    We will have a family thing with my hubby’s side today & then see the one daughter that still lives in CA tomorrow…


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