My father…he’s no Robert Young…he’s better 🙂  Happy Father’s Day!  Take your dad for a walk, go for a bike ride, do some boot camp with him.  Tell him you love him.  Enjoy your day.

Later today Jimmy will post his Meatless Monday recipe so you will have it ahead of time.

Having fun in Salt Lake City.  My mom has made nine scarfs for our Handmade Especially For You drive.  She is a machine.

Have a super Sunday


P.S.  The Inperspire Bingo word of the day is:  inperspire


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  1. We are in Salt Lake City and having a great time. Thae mountains still have some snow on them, and we have no humidity.
    Today we went for a nice walk in the park with the dog, and now we are going to work on our boot camp, and then another walk in the park, and we might even play hop scotch at Darla’s old elementary school.

  2. Happy Father’s Day to my dad,Greg and Jimmy we love them all so much. We are going for a walk in the forest. We wanted to ride our bikes but it seems to be raining in Seattle today.

  3. We are having a great time in SLC. It is so nice to be in dry, warm weather with no mosquitos!!!! Jimmy will celebrate his Father’s Day with Robbie on Thursday, when they are both off work, but he did get one present this morning – a tshirt that says “Farmy” on it (it’s from the Farm Sanctuary) it looks great on his newly svelte frame :). We are going to the store to get a hoppy taw so we can play hopscotch (it’s much harder to play hopscotch now that I am a wee bit older and my balance isn’t quite what it used to be). I played jacks earlier so it is a great day for me already and as long as we get to Costco today my dad will be happy.

  4. I had an awesome race this morning – with a very interesting story to tell but it’s too long for here.
    The big news, though, is that I hit 2 out of 3 goals; it was great.

    Our dog, Chase, is loving the extra attention he is getting with my husband away. He has had 2 walks daily since Thursday – and we have a tired dog. A good dog is a tired dog…

    Happy Father’s Day.

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