We are in Phoenix waiting on a very late flight. It looks like we won’t be back in St. Louis until 2 am and I have a 9 am meeting so I am posting for tomorrow before I get on the plane. If this works as planned, you are seeing a picture of the mountains from my elementary school field where we walk mornings and evenings.  The bingo word for today is: confidence.  Sorry for any typos — we’ll post all gold stars by later today (Tuesday). Here’s to being flexible. -karma 


5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Karma, we felt so bad that you and Jimmy had such a long delay in your flight plans. You will be so tired this morning, but it was worth it for us to be able to see you both and walk, play hopscotch, and just talk.

    Dano and I went this morning for our walk. The sprinklers are on at the park so we both got an extra shower today. A little cooler this a.m. and it is supposed to get to 79 degrees. Beautiful as was yesterday. Hope everyone had a nice weekend. M.

  2. We had a great time in SLC, but it took us some time to get home, and we both have busy days today, so today is a day off exercise for me, but I have been running all over town getting my work done and I am headed to TJ’s fo 7 hours.

  3. I like being flexible, it opens th e door for opportunity.Greg and I are riding this afternoon.The weather in Seattle is finally awesome atleast for today!!!

  4. Oh, delays are so tiring. I hope you can find to get some rest in the next few days.

    Skipper and I took our dog for a long walk again today. It’s really nice having just the two of us and not 4 year old legs to slow us down. Another week of days like this:)

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