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Jillian Michaels: Saving Lives – One Family At A Time

Jillian Michaels coming soon to a family near you!

Jillian is back again this week (and so are we)!  I am totally in love with Losing It.  As they cue the music at the beginning of the show and the theme song begins to play…

I’m learning to live – living to learn
Starting to sing my song right or wrong
Breaking away setting me free
Free to be my own me
I’m learning to live

I know something special is about to happen.  Tonite Jillian helped a family of four: The Northern family.   The show opens with Jillian watching the family eat their meal: macaroni and cheese (7150 calories – in the pan they made) and 50 chicken wings (3100 calories) and the first words out of Jillian’s mouth were, “I didn’t think a family could get me that pissed off.”  Yep, she was that mad.  It turns out that the father had lost his job and weighed well over 3o0 lbs and the mother weighed over 250 lbs.  Their poor health due to bad habits, and unhealthy family dynamics due to the loss of the job, were literally killing this family.  Only Jillian could get to the bottom of this mess and get to the bottom she did.  In the end, the father lost 61 lbs and the mother 40 lbs.  It was clear that there was still work to do for this couple/family, but the change written in their faces said — anything and everything is possible.

My favorite quotes from last night:

After seeing what they ate, I wanted to kill them.  ~JM
C’mon daddy, don’t stop, go.  ~Ameer (14 year old son)
I need both of my parents to be healthy so they can live a longer life and see me grow up.  ~Ameera (14 yr. old daughter)
I used to be a quitter, but now I am done quitting. ~Patrick (father)
Why do you even have a stash (of food)?  ~JM

The theme from last night’s show:  “Do you think that achievement ever comes without risk?”  When Jillian poses this question to Patrick, I actually said to myself, “That’s right”.  Facing the fear of failure has been a common theme this summer for the families that Jillian has helped.  I wonder, “What are we so afraid of?”

Jillian also posed a challenge/question to Patrick as he was struggling to finish his workout and was getting ready to quit again:

You have 10 minutes to rewrite history, how is it going to end?

I am looking forward to doing some rewriting today, I hope you will join me.

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15 thoughts on “Jillian Michaels: Saving Lives – One Family At A Time

  1. You have 10 minutes to rewrite history, how is it going to end?

    That is some question!!! WOW! Greatpost!

    I had a great workout with a good cardio & LOVE the weights of course!!! Feeling it! 🙂

    • Hey Jody! I liked the rewrite history quote too. I am going to try to ask myself this question as I near the end of my workout. You love weights and the weights love you :).

  2. What a great post. You have 10 minutes to rewrite history, how is it going to end? Could that honestly get any more powerful? I absolutely love it. I am trying to rewrite my history but still struggling. My wedding is in August and I am no where near the weight that I wanted to be and it is slowly completely breaking my heart :/


    • Oh, Erica, I do not want you to have a broken heart. I will tell you a secret…I have never seen a bride who is anything thing less than absolutely beautiful (brides and babies are the same in this way – they just can’t help being beautiful). On the day you get married what everyone will see is your happiness — you will be glowing and a few pounds one way or another will not be an issue for anyone but you. Keep trying to reach your goal, but in the end what you weigh on your wedding day will not be what anyone remembers. I promise.

  3. The quote from Jillian, “after seeing what they ate” made me think about how much and what we eat every night. As you know Karma, we do eat a little ridiculous around our house. I will get things together soon with the livestrong bit.

    Just finished our daily walk. I’m a little sore from all the work I did yesterday around my home, but decided it would be good for me and Dano. Have a great day everyone. M.

    • Hey M – Well, maybe someone in the family likes to eat a little too much (sometimes), but I know you are working on him, oops, I mean it :). Definitely use the Livestrong calorie/fitness tracker at least to begin with. Also, Cynthia is absolutely right about the portion size. It wasn’t what I was eating that was making me heavy, it was how much. Glad you got out to walk with Dano. Don’t forget to stop by the hopscotch court next time.

  4. I did not get a chance to watch the show, I was doing the TJ’s thing and getting in my cross training workout. Today we did a run/walk, jumprope, sit-ups, and push-ups. Keep moving all day.

  5. Fashion, maybe you are at your perfect weight. Sometimes the body will not let us be what we think it ideal. As hard as you work out I will bet you are perfect!! You will be a beautiful bride in August.

  6. I feel very frustrated, too. Still limping. Still on pain killers. Ankle still swollen and discolored. Going to an orthopedic doctor Monday. I’ll try to keep my spirits up exercising vicariously through you all.

    I just had such a good momentum exercising before this accident. Trying to remind myself that even athletes get sidelined once in a while.

    Grateful for this site. 🙂

    • Oh Mary, I know all too well the pain (in every sense of the word) of being sidelined by an injury. When I used to teach aerobics, it would happen that I would sprain (really seriously) my ankle about once a year (that used to kill me waiting for it to heal). My last big “doozy” was when I was in a West African dance troupe a few years ago and we had a huge performance and during the performance one of the dancers didn’t move when she was supposed to and I kicked her so hard that my toe basically exploded (so sad too because my whole family had flown in for the Saturday show and this happened on Friday). Anyway, a broken toe sidelined me for 8 weeks. It was so bad not being able to do what I love – dance – exercise – walk, but I got through it by telling myself, this was just a temporary obstacle – just temporary and in the big scheme of my life a month was no big deal. My advice, think of it as a time to rest your body so that when you return to Zumba you will be on fire!

  7. Mary you are doing fine, I would do 1 of 2 things, either do sit-ups, and arm weights sitting down, or go to a beach or a mountain and relax, and when your ankle is ready head back to Zunba. I would take #2.

  8. One of these days I’ll have cable and be able to follow all of the shows. I appreciate knowing what is going on through this.

    In terms of weight control, here is my food for thought: each serving of food (i.e. vegetables, meat, etc.) should not be bigger than the size of a fist. Now convert that to an adult’s body, one that is not growing and needs calories in the same way a child does for the day to day routines (0f course, if you’re ill, actively training, etc., this will differ). This helped our family get a better image of what portion sizes should look like (I was known for dumping a pile of food on my husband’s plate) as one means to control weight. Of course, there are many other factors, but bringing it back down to a child’s stomach makes a good visual for me.

    Busy day at work, walking the dog, coaching soccer….Now, it’s time to eat!

    • Hey Cynthia – What good advice. I agree, it’s all in the portion control. The trick for me was to not pile it on in the beginning of the meal and not going back for seconds. About the food on the husband’s plate – I have done the same and I am sure many of us have – food sometimes equals love – or so we think – now we now better.

      Coaching soccer must even be more fun with the World Cup dramas playing out!

  9. I am just now able to sit down and read your posts – omg – I love them. Isn’t it fun to read all our different perspectives, concerns, thoughts?!

    We ran/walked this morning in what can only be described as pea soup – it is SO humid – but I would much rather have hot than cold so I am trying to embrace it :). We are also trying to finish the boot camp workout I posted last weekend by Friday so we can start the new one. We did push ups, jump ropes, crunches, and bicycle crunches. It felt good. ~Karma

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