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It’s Child’s Play?

How long has it been since you played hopscotch?  For many of us, I would say it has been far too long.  I was lucky enough this past weekend to play some hopscotch.  It was a blast!  I had forgotten how much fun it was to jump through the squares jumping first on two feet, then hopping on one foot, then two, then one, until you finally reach the 9 and 10 squares with your two footed jump and turn!  I couldn’t believe the range of skills that were needed to play – I had forgotten that too.  For example, jumping and hoping through the squares was much harder than I remembered and it took awhile for my muscles and mind to remember; I was also very grateful for the side-to-side lateral jumps we did during boot camp because this helped.   Another thing I had forgotten is that it is actually kind of hard to balance (at least it is when you are 50) on one foot while picking up your taw.  The first time I tried I fell over!  I was having so much fun playing that Jimmy and my mom joined in too.  Here we were, three grown ups, playing hopscotch.  We could have played all day!  I wish we had! 

I hope you will take some time this week or weekend to play some hopscotch.  Draw the American hopscotch court, or whatever hopscotch court/grid you drew when you were young, or visit your local elementary and play on their court.  Did you know you can burn up to 348 calories an hour playing hopscotch?  However many calories you burn, I guarantee you will use muscles and skills you haven’t used in a long time.  Be warned though, it is no longer easy to find hoppy taws (my mom looked and looked for mine, but we couldn’t find it, so I made one out of electrical tape).  I am ordering mine from Amazon.  Of course you can use a bean bag or a rock, but me being me, I wanted to use exactly the same thing I used when I was young (it’s one of my faults, I like things to be exactly as I remember them).  Anyway, Jimmy and I are going to the grade school this weekend to play a good ol’ game of hopscotch.  I have a feeling it’s going to be a good summer :).

Play like you did when you were kid!

P.S.  The InPerspire Bingo word of the day is: fitness (I hear some of you are getting close to Bingo – this is exciting!).


7 thoughts on “It’s Child’s Play?

  1. I did the hopscotch this morning on my walk. Only I did not have a hoppy taw, so I just pretended again. Dano ate grass while I was playing. ha Beautiful here this morn. Wish everyone could have our weather right now.
    See ya. M.

  2. No hopscotch for me today, but it sounds like I will be playing this weekend. I had fun playing when we were in Utah, it was the first time I had played hopscotch, I am not sure if we had hopscotch in Miami.

  3. You are a boy, Jimmy, and when we were young boys (often) didn’t play hopscotch. Now that you are a wee bit older you can play hopscotch freely :).

    I am getting ready to welcome 115 freshmen to campus today – lots of work to get ready for their arrive – and lots of work ahead – but it is always fun. The students bring so much energy that it’s easy for me to get lost in it. I am, however, glad that there are only two more weekends remaining of the program.

    Anyhoooo, no formal exercise for me today. Maybe the “Shred” later on, but in reality that is unlikely. St. Louis is having a small break in our record highs (meaning it’s still hot minus some (emphasis on some) of the humidity) and that is a good thing. With Jimmy’s help, I think I have everyone’s gold stars properly awarded, but if I missed a day, please let me know so that you can call Bingo when your card is filled. I think I am waiting on one square, but I am only at 13 days of exercise – yikes!

    If you get a moment today, check out Jody’s blog, Truth 2 Being Fit, she is a reader model on another blog, Big Girl Bombshell, and the whole thing is just really nice!

  4. What a fun post!!!! Yes, being 52, things just don’t balance they way they used too! 🙂

    Well, good workout this morn. Started out questionable but I kept at it & finished off really good! I had a couple new leg moves I wanted to try & that spurred me on!

  5. Karma, Thank you so much for sharing your personal experience of being sidelined by your annual sprained ankle and also your toe injury in your West African dance performance when all your family had flown in. You have inspired me to get through this, too, by telling myself this is a temporary obstacle — just temporary and in the big sheme of my life no big deal. I love your advice, too, to think of it as a time to rest my body so that when I return to Zumba I will be on fire! Thank you so very much for helping me put things in perspective!! 🙂

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