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Boot Camp Challenge of the Week

Day 183 of Our 365 Day Odyssey

I’m no drill sergeant, but I think what we need to get and/or keep our behinds moving, grooving, and improving is to complete a boot camp workout each week (starting on Saturday and finishing by Friday).  I was definitely gaining strength and stamina during our 4 Week Boot Camp Challenges so I hope this will continue help you and me continue the journey to being stronger, faster, and more agile. The BCW (Boot Camp Workout) should be completed in addition to your regular exercise routine.  

June 26-July 2 BCW

100 Jumping Jacks
50 Seal Jacks
50 Heel Touch Jacks
200 Jump Ropes (with or without rope, but try working with the rope, it’s good for you :))
100 Side-to-Side Lateral Jumps
100 HopScotch (with or without the agility ladder)
140 Push ups (that’s 20 push ups per day – definitely do-able)
100 crunches
50 bicycle crunches
50 Heel Touch crunches
50 Rope Climb crunches

Okay now, Get Up and Get Going!  Also, don’t forget to practice your National Dance Day Routine.

Three Cheers for the Weekend…hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray!

P.S.  The InPerspire Bingo Word for the day is: skipping (skipping also happens to be Dana’s favorite thing to do on the treadmill).


9 thoughts on “Boot Camp Challenge of the Week

  1. Went for a usual 5k walk/run. It was HOT! We have to get up and out of the house earlier. We did 50 jumping jacks and then ran through our neighbor’s sprinklers. ~Karma

  2. Oh, I’m liking this challenge.

    And, my oldest got a bingo. He’s pretty excited about it. It’s too bad that we didn’t add him onto your star roll. Maybe next time.

    It’s rainy here (got soaked at soccer) so I’m off to make cookies – and I’m running later to burn them off!

    • Hey Cynthia! Tell your oldest congratulations on his Bingo card :). He’s a lucky one!

      I am glad you liked the BCW challenge. Jimmy is already planning how we are going to get it done.

      Making cookies on a rainy day, what could be nicer?!

  3. This looks very hard. I am glad I will have some inspiration coming my way to help me through this weeks challenge.

  4. What is your inspiration Dana?? I bet it’s a secret huh. (I know)

    We went very early this morning for our walk. They had some kind of thing going for colon cancer at the park so there were a lot of people around. I didn’t get to play hopScotch today, but if we go later I will do it then. Maybe Dad will try it. (NOT) Hope everyone had a great Sat. Momb

    • I am just glad to know you are still playing hopscotch. Isn’t it freeing? I doubt we will ever get dad to play hopscotch, but maybe bike riding…think about it :).

  5. I am posting a bit late, we ran/walked, and did jumping jacks today, after that sweat fest I was off to TJ’s and now packing for Seattle our flight leaves in 8 hours and I am still doing laundry.

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