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The summer solstice has come and gone (June 21) and we are in the thick of summer.  For me, summer is magical because even though I no longer get to play all summer long, the long ingrained feeling of freedom is still there.  Some of the things I love about summer: watching the fireflies light up the night, listening to the song of the cicadas and crickets, sitting out on the deck, long into the night, watching the stars light the whole sky one by one until it looks like a field of diamonds.  And, least I forget, I love the way the flowers perfume the air.

Have a wonderful sunny Sunday!

P.S.  The InPerspire Bingo Word of the day is: yoga


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  1. It’s 12:30 am, so we are officially into the 27th of June :). Jimmy and I decided at the last minute to go to Seattle for a few days to see our business partners (Dana and Greg). In case you are wondering, we have a lot of flexibility when we fly because Robbie, our son, still works for SWA, so we get to fly for free. We fly standby so it’s not easy, but you can’t beat the price.

    If our flights work out the way we plan, we will arrive in Seattle at 10:50 am (yes, that does mean we have to leave for the airport in less than 4 hours from now). Anyhoooooo, we are planning to land and then go for a bike ride to one of the pubs Dana talks about in her posts. I am looking forward to it.

    On another note, Cynthia’s oldest son got Bingo today (yay!) – but he isn’t officially playing so you are all still in the race. Jimmy has bingo on his card, but he doesn’t have 15 days of working out yet. I have a feeling there are a number of us who are close to Bingo. I have updated the stars to cover June 26.

    We will post later today…

  2. Jimmy and Karma,
    Have a wonderful time in Seattle! 🙂
    Loved the post today about summer time and the long ingrained feeling of freedom it brings!

  3. Yay I can’t wait. Darla and Jimmy will be here in a few hours, I wish all my family could be here. This post just makes me feel relaxed. Summer had a late start here in Seattle but it is amazing. Enjoy your Sunday everyone. We are going on a bike ride to a brew pub..wish us luck!!!

  4. I really loved this shortpost, the picture in put in my mind & the actual picture! I miss the fireflies from when I grew up back east!

    Had a fantastic run this morn! Overcast but not too cold & shorts & no sweatshirt!!! Did my abs/core beforehand too!

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