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Put A Little Tofu In Your Life

Happy Meatless Monday, y’all, holla!  Sorry, we’re on vacation and I tend to get a little crazier :).

Jimmy’s post today is all about tofu.  At one time I thought I hated tofu, but after Jimmy fixed this recipe for me I am convert.  Say Hallelujah and sing the praises of tofu!

Put a little Tofu in your life, it will brighten up your whole day, and gosh darn it people will like you more.

You can go through the trouble of getting the tofu that is packed in water, draining, seasoning, and baking the tofu, and if it is all done correctly, it will most likely taste pretty good (or it could taste horrible, which is often the case).  Better yet, you can do what I do, buy tofu that is prepared and ready to eat.  My favorite tofu is sold at Trader Joe’s, which is also my favorite store.

Trader Joe’s sells two flavors of baked tofu that come in ready to eat squares, teriyaki and savory.  Using this ready-made tofu, you can make an elaborate weekend meal, like Spicy Asian Noodle Bowls, or a quick, but healthy week night meal, and when I say fast I mean fast like five minutes.

I always keep some tofu and jasmine or organic brown rice (microwaveable for 3 minutes) in the freezer.  Trader Joe’s sells the best rice I have ever had, whether organic brown or jasmine rice .  It can be found in the frozen section (it’s in a box with four separate pouches and it is very inexpensive).

For a fast meal that serves two, I take two packages of the savory or the teriyaki flavored tofu, cut them into large chunks, and heat them in a pan with a little (drizzle about a teaspoon) hot chili oil for about five minutes; if you have some extra vegetables around you can also throw those in the pan.  While the tofu is heating put one of the pouches of rice in the microwave for three minutes.  Once the rice is done, put the cooked tofu over it.  You can eat it plain, or you can put a little sweet chili sauce on it, and I always add some sambal oelek (hot chili sauce), and sometimes I put a little low sodium soy sauce on it.

When I want to make something that is a little more “fancy”, I make Spicy Asian Noodle Bowls.   

Spicy Asian Noodle Bowls

1 package Udon Noodles
Baked teriyaki tofu from Trader Joe’s (cut into cubes – see picture 2)*
beansprouts (~2 cups)
2 cups carrots (we buy carrots already shredded (matchsticks) from Trader Joe’s)
4 green onions
cucumber (julienned)

4 tsp. sesame oil mixed with 1 tsp vegetable oil
3 tsp. soy sauce
pinch sugar
red pepper flakes (to taste – we like it hot so we add at least a 1/2 tablespoon)
salt and pepper (to taste; we use about a pinch of salt, and a little extra pepper)

Mix all ingredients for sauce together, set aside.

Garnishes (recommended):
cilantro (chopped)
peanuts (chopped)

Condiments (recommended)
Sambal Oelek (ground fresh chili paste) or Thai garlic chili sauce; Mae Ploy (sweet chili sauce) (Darla’s favorite)

(You should be able to find some version of these condiments at major grocery stores.  World Market and Whole Foods are excellent resources.)

Step by step directions
1.  Make sauce – set aside.
2.  Cut up vegetables.
3.  Cook Udon Noodles according to package directions; do not overcook.
4.  Drizzle hot oil in skillet (see picture).  Heat tofu about 5 minutes or until warm.
5. Drain noodles in colander.  Return noodles to skillet with tofu (turn stove off).  Add vegetables and sauce.  Mix well.

Garnish with cilantro, peanuts, sambal oelek, sweet chili sauce, or whatever makes you happy. 

*I use three packages of tofu (or as Darla’s dad calls it, tufu) because I like to have some left over. 

Spicy Asian Noodle Bowls

I hope you are ready to try something new for Meatless Mondays.  You will make a cow, chicken, pig, or one of the other farm animals of the world a little happier, and who doesn’t like happy farm animals.

Have a Peaceful Meatless Monday :). 

P.S.  The InPerspire Bingo Word for the day is: zumba


10 thoughts on “Put A Little Tofu In Your Life

  1. I am not a tofu fan but if you ade it, I would try it. Looks like a lot to clean up.. I am so lazy in the kitchen! 🙂

    So, I have your towels as my pic on my site today!

    Great all weight workout day!!!! YES!

    Happy vacation to you!

    • Hey Jody – I like it how you are always willing to try things. It is a little bit of clean up, but really not too much 🙂 Just to let you know, I still need to figure out how to get my weights in, but you inspire me to keep trying. I am going to your site right now. ~Karma

  2. We are in Seattle, we came in on Sunday. Yesterday I did not post a comment so this will be a double comment. After flying from St Louis to Seattle we went for a good bike ride total round trip riding time was about 2.5 hours, it was a very nice ride.
    Today we went for a 4.5 mile walk, and did some boot camp. The weather in Seattle is fantastic.

  3. I am the benefactor of Jimmy’s good cooking and I can say the tofu meals are awesome, especially the Asian Noodle Bowls. Jimmy adds different sauces that we will give you the recipes for in the coming weeks.

    Yesterday went for a 23 mile bike ride, after getting off the plane :). Today, 5 mile walk with Alyx, my niece, and then some boot camp afterwards. Will write more later.

  4. Went for our walk this morn, but could only get about half way as Dano did not feel well. Who knows what wrong! It’s 94 degrees here today so maybe he was feeling it early.

    Sounds like you guys are having a great time up there. Talk to you guys all later. M.

  5. I absolutely hate tofu with all my heart LOL. But maybe I will have to try this… maybe… I am still afraid of tofu lol. I have my first spin class tonight soooo nervouse! 23 mile bike ride… dang you go girl!!!


  6. I have never tried tofu…but the recipe above looks really good! Glad you are having a fun trip and biking and walking! That’s great!

    Got back from the orthopedic doctor…my ankle is sprained, but the bones look good! Nothing broken. 🙂 They fitted me with an air cast to keep my ankle from twisting any more when I walk. Still need to elevate it, ice it, rest it. I see him again in a month. Just wanted to share the good news.

  7. I use Tofu as a cottage cheese substitute in lasanga; the boys can’t taste the difference.

    I finally made the big marathon decision for the fall. School is out tomorrow and, then, the real running starts. And, of course, the real cross-training starts too – to ward off injuries. Got another 5 miles in – slow and easy because I’m racing on Thursday.

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