Day 186 Of Our 365 Day Odyssey


Not that we think any of you would ever give up, but all of us have those days, those weeks, those months, and sometimes those years where it seems like our best efforts at reaching our goals are not quite working out.  Things get in our way, like injuries, family demands, illness, work, sometimes we even get in our own way for a variety of reasons, which is why I love the saying on this notebook.  I always write in notebooks and I think I am going to make one with this cover page to continually remind me.  And all this reminds me of one of my favorite quotes: 

“There are years that ask questions and years that answer.”  ~Zora Neale Hurston

Have a happy and productive day!

Oops, I almost forgot the bingo word for the day: moderation


9 thoughts on “Day 186 Of Our 365 Day Odyssey

  1. yessss…..perfect

    I haven’t given up

    just been VERY VERY lost……in life……

    However……Pheobe and I had an amazing walk this morning ……it was soooo nice.

    I’ve now made plans with my ambitious friend to do core exercises three times a week.

    My belly has blossomed with stress fat……so gross……..well and delicious fried food fat……either way……it’s gross.

    So i am getting rid of my stress and fat…..and maybe some fried food:)

    Beyond that…….I got my Bridesmaid dress……I got like two months to flatten my tummy otherwise things are gonna look funny, there’s only sooo much a pair of spanx can hide and i don’t want to ruin the dress i loooveee with the extra sweat involved with them……so this is my mission…..

    Also, i didn’t do well awesome but managed to maintain in my last mission of making my dr happy…….i weighed the same so she didn’t lecture me on not getting to 200 but i didn’t lose any either……. so if i stick with my new mission then maybe i can impress her next time

    Good day all!!!!

  2. Yes Smith, never, never give up. We are going to get you in shape for the wedding and for your next doctor’s visit. The core work will be great. Why don’t you add the boot camp work to your core work, that should do it. Also, has a fun way to get new training tips through training videos. It’s not the best site in terms of its functionality, but you get to make a “mini” you and choose training exercises and intensity levels and can share them with your friends. If you are interested, let me know and I will “friend” you.

    Erica – We didn’t get to reply to everyone’s comments yesterday, so we are doing it today. You have to tell us what you thought about Spinning. Jimmy has wanted to try it for a long time now, but has shied away from it. You will have to give us the scoop.

    Mary – So happy to hear you went meatless yesterday. You’re the best. Did you see our picture on he Zumba for the Cure website? Why are my eyes closed ;). I still love the picture and I can’t wait to show Dana when she gets home from work. Here’s to hoping your sprain gets better quickly!!

    Hey Cynthia – School is out and the running begins. How much time and extra training will it take for you to get ready for the marathon? Also, my mom used to put cottage cheese in our lasagne, which I loved, and I never thought about using tofu as a substitute, which we are totally going to do! Thanks for the tip.

    Not sure what we are doing for exercise today, maybe kayaking, ooohhhh I love it! Will check in later.

  3. We are still in our Northwest office, or as some call it Dana and Greg’s house, working hard, but still finding time to exercise and sleep. When Dana gets home from out messing around all morning, and Greg gets done talking to all of his peeps, we are going to exercise.
    The weather is cloudy today, but Dana has Greg working on making the weather more sunny, he has contacted a Cloud Reader for assistance.
    I hope all of you have a great day, I know I will.

  4. I have had a hard time keeping ion track in the month of June. This post reminds me to keep focused.Exercise is a thing in my life that will never go away ,sometimes it just takes me longer to get to it. Happy Tuesday!

  5. Neverland fits all kinds of situations. Very cool post today. We went walking again this a.m., Dano is still not quite himself but he is better than yesterday. We did about 3/4 of it today. I should have made up the rest of the walk on the treadmill, but instead went shopping for some summer t-shirts. I like doing that more.

    Have a great time in Seattle. M.

  6. Apparently I am a super hero, my special power being the ability to command the weather to do my bidding…

    Haven’t been able to exercise much since the weekend because it is the end of the quarter at work. I’ve also recently been blessed with a gimp foot. I’ll be sure to make it to the gym tomorrow.

  7. Sorry for the late entry! I got myself all confused today.. but I did not give up! 🙂

    I love that last quote about the years. Really makes me think!

    OK, had a good cardio & weights session… did around 150 push-ups among all the other chest stuff I did! Core/abs too!

  8. Last day of school for the kids was today. The 30th was the last for us teachers. It’s going to be a great summer just hanging out with the boys; I’ve worked every summer (camps and summer school) for years so this will be different!

    Headed out for a 10K run tonight, prepping for Thursday’s 5K race. Then, the marathon training officially begins (Dana, I’m planning on 2 to 3 hours a day to get ready for it; thank goodness for summer).

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