Good Decisions

Celebrating at our favorite brewery in Seattle.

Sometimes we make good choices and sometimes we make bad choices, well a few years ago, 13 to be exact, I made a super fantastic choice, I married the most beautiful lady in the world.  Our anniversary is June 30th, and it is a fantastic day.

Many years ago I took a job as a Bartender at El Gato Gordos in Riverside California, and I met this food server named Darla, and we did not get along so well. Actually she hated me.  So, after a few months I introduced Darla and a few other people who worked at the restaurant to bike riding, and they loved it.

As time went on Darla, with Robbie in the bike seat, and myself would take rides in the mountains and along the beach, we became great friends, and after two years we started dating.  After many years we decided to get married, it took a few years to talk her into it, but after I got a job at Southwest Airlines, and Darla found out that she could fly for free, we got married, and it has been free flights and good times ever sense.

So as I write this post we are in Seattle on a small vacation, Greg is working on some end of the quarter deal, Dana is looking at a catalogue, Darla is doing some artwork with the Redhook beer holder, and you all know what I am doing.  On our anniversary we will be flying back to St. Louis, but we should be home in plenty of time to have some fun, we seem to always find time to have some fun.

I consider myself to be the luckiest person ever, I am married to a lovely lady who loves me and likes to have fun, I would say that we are breezy.

P.S.  The Inperspire Bingo word of the day is : motivation


5 thoughts on “Good Decisions

  1. OMG Jimmy, what a fantastic post this morning. You make me so proud to call you my son-in-law. Darla is a very lucky lady to have met you and Robbie is extremely lucky to have such a great Dad that loves his Mother so much.

    KARMA, Jimmy is also lucky to find you. It takes two to make things work and you are a great twosome. Your understanding of life helps Jimmy with life choices and he has had to make some big ones along the way. His best one was to pick his in-laws. ha–ha Anyway, congratulations!

    On my way for our walk and it’s windy and just an occasional shower. Enjoy! M.

  2. Now that is a feel good post! Darla is a lucky woman & you are a lucky man! As they say. may the adventure continue!

    As for me, my morn adventure was a good cardio session but the weights.. awesome!

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