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Moderation, moderation, moderation

So I found this quote awhile ago, and as I do with all my posts, I wait until the day feels right and then I post the little tidbits I have tucked away.

“If you embrace moderation, eat whole foods instead of junk, live within your physical, monetary, and environmental budget rather than constantly exceeding it, you will lose weight, tread more lightly on the planet, and gain satisfaction from these things.”

— Mark Bittman

The quote really says it all.  What a life we could live and what a world this would be if we all lived in moderation.  Mark Bittman is journalist for the New York Times and he also appears on cooking segments for the Today Show.  He is a professional food writer and cook (Bittman is clear about the fact that he is not a chef) and he is clearly an observer of the world.  In his most recent book, Food Matters, he focuses on, among other things, the links between eating too much meat, obesity, and global warming.  His commentaries on the Big Food Industry are priceless, so when I saw the image of the Chocolate Cheerios box with,  “This #$!% Has Got To Stop: Part Six”, above the image, I just couldn’t help but share with you.  I hope you you enjoy Bittman’s post.  Take a look around his website, he has some great minimalist ideas for all of us :). 

This #$!% Has Got to Stop: Part Six

Chocolate Cheerios: The Breakfast of Champions?


15 thoughts on “Moderation, moderation, moderation

  1. Happy July, lets make this a strong month. Started off on the right foot, we went for a good 3.6 mile walk, no running both of us have tired stiff legs, I think from sitting too much in the plane, after that 40 push-ups, and crunches.

    Hope all of you have a great day.

  2. Love the quote!

    Started off July with a great workout to finish off my gym workouts for the week & a couple days of rest… well from my crazy workouts! 🙂 It was all about cardio, legs & back! Legs for me is the whole thing… quads, hamstrings, inners/outers & butt! I make it happen!

  3. Hi to Everyone! Yes, Happy July! Despite wavering and fighting with myself about whether I should or should not workout today (I wanted to workout, but I was worried about the amount of work I had to do) we went anyway. The weather in STL is just beautiful – 80’s – low humidity – and I am just so glad I didn’t miss out on that. Jimmy and I are about 3/4 of the way through this week’s boot camp workout. I have a lot of push ups to do tomorrow…yikes!

  4. Happy Canada day to all of you from Canada!! Happy 4th weekend to all the rest of you. Moderation is totally the key to everything in life. Even things we think are good for us can really do serious damage if over done ie..exercise. Thanks for the reminder Darla, I think we did a little too much this week.

  5. okay… i was too excited to spell earlier……july will be my new new start….
    I timed my walk with pheobe today so i know how early I need to get up before school and still be able to make it……..
    yesterday, dang, i worked a double for the first time in like two months……y-i-c-k!
    oh well of to the slowest job in my life…….!!!!

    • Hey Smith, I loved your comment earlier about July is your January :). I get it. Make sure to set yourself up for getting up early tomorrow – sometimes I get the idea and then continue with my very bad habits of going to bed late. If your job is really slow you can do plies and push ups against the counter as a way to keep your self entertained and busy.

  6. I completely believe in moderation when it comes to food and fitness. Life is a balance and what we do internally and physically is no different.

    But, I did push this morning. I ran a Canada Race (5K) and finished in 21:28,. I’m really excited about my time and breaking 21 this summer is starting to look doable:)

  7. Here I am late but I made it before midnight. I love that it is July, of course it’s because I love the heat.
    Took Dano out early this morning and he did pretty well. Still is not going as far as he was, but building back up to it.

    I got busy doing things around the house and then we cut and trimmed the lawns. It’s 9 p.m here and it is 93 degrees still. That’s o.k. better than the cold old weather. See ya tomorrow. M.

    • So glad to hear you before I am off to bed. We are having great weather here today too, but nothing really compares to the awesomeness of SLC weather in the summer. Lotsa. ~Karma

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