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Let Loose Your Lady Liberty this Weekend

Happy 4th of July Weekend!  It’s the perfect time for this week’s boot camp workout.  How did you do last week? Were you able to complete some of the workout? All of it? I know Tracy was working on those heel touch jacks – they are not easy – I will give you that!  You know what I’ve noticed about myself? I do all the exercises I like first and save the dreaded push ups for last.  Guess what?  I didn’t finish the push ups!  This week I am going to start my push ups early.  Lesson learned.

300 jump ropes
100 jacks
100 seal jacks
100 squats
50 plie squats
50 curtsy squats
100 push ups
50 plank alternating legs
100 crunches
50 heel toucher crunches
50 rope climbs

That should do it for the week!  I guarantee that I will finish the entire boot camp this week.  No excuses!

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.  Be fierce in your workouts!  Don’t let up!


8 thoughts on “Let Loose Your Lady Liberty this Weekend

    • Are you riding to Issaquah to visit a brewery I am familiar with there? Have fun riding. Get some of the boot camp done. I want to see you post that you have completed the whole thing by next Friday. You can do it :).

  1. That is some boot camp! Good luck to all!!!

    Today was rest day for me & I sure needed it! Felt good!

    Have a safe & happy holiday weekend but don’t forget to “move”. Just walking & enjoying is better than doing nothing! 🙂 Keep hydrated & protect the skin too!

  2. My human partner took Dano for a walk this morning. I was going to sleep in for a while, then felt guilty and walked over to the park to meet them. I did not walk as far as I should have but we are going again tonight. Boot camp sounds very challanging. I think I will skip it. ha

    Hope all have a good holiday. See ya. M.

  3. It’s the squats that I avoid. But, like Buckley’s, they’re good for you:)

    Spent the afternoon at a pool with all of the boys (we so rarely get out as a family; I love summer). I’m starting to think I should get back into some regular swimming – but you know where that could end up taking me, don’t you?

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