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“objets d’art”

                                                                                                                                      Wyeth (1948)

When you see a masterpiece  – a work of art – it can take your breath away.  How is it possible that something could be so beautiful?  So divine?  So amazing?  When you look at a masterpiece it is easy to forget that what you are seeing is a final product – a work of art in its final stage of completion.  It is easy to forget the process, the entire creative process, that went into making such a masterpiece.

An artist does not just sit down and create a work of art in one sitting.  It can take years.  Each masterpiece goes through a series of revisions.  There are do-overs and erasures.  There are changes of mind and changes of heart.  And, I am guessing by now that you know where I am going with this post.  I propose that we begin looking at ourselves as masterpieces in progress.  We may not be works of art yet, but we are definitely in the process of becoming a work of art. 

Like a drawing or a painting we will have some do-overs, we will make some revisions, and we will sometimes need to erase a bit, or give this or that piece a little more attention.  When I think of myself as a masterpiece in progress, things begin to change for me.  I am no longer such a harsh critic.  Why should I be?  Vermeer did not create the Girl with the Pearl Earring (1665-1667) in one day.

Nor did van Eyck create “The Arnolfini Portrait” (1434) in one day.

Nor did Frida Kahlo paint one of her many self portraits (this one is called “The Frame”, c. 1937-38) in one day.

I am sure you get the picture (literally and figuratively :)).  If you can begin thinking of yourself as a work of art in progress, I think you might look at yourself/your canvas differently.  Perfection comes towards the end, when all is finished, and all the painting is done.  You’re not there yet.  Right now you are in the midst of creating.  Think about all the different shapes and colors you have tried on or those you might try in the future.  What about the different brushes you have tried, and will try, each brush stroke leaving a slightly different impression on your canvas.  As a work of art in progress, I propose that we take off our critic’s hat and, instead, revel in the process, one loving step at a time.    

Happy Painting!


8 thoughts on ““objets d’art”

  1. So I decided that when I made time to be on the Inperspire blog everyday i was doing so much better with everything. So here is to catching back up with you all! Hopefully I can drop close to 15 lbs in a month… since I really need to be 15 lighter to look the best in my wedding dress which is a month away on the 9th… kind of scary lol.

    Here is my workouts so I can be held accountable for being a slacker

    1,2,4,6 i worked out I really need to step up my game and make everyday a boot camp day. I have just been so crazy busy with the small things I need to get back into the swing of things.

    I am loving meatless monday’s though and will continue this and even add another meatless day to the week.


    ps I LOVE you for introducing me to protein. Seriously you have curbed my hunger so much!

    • Hey Miss Erica – soon to be bride and married woman 🙂 15 lbs in a month – double yikes – triple yikes! You know I am pretty sure you are perfect as is, but if you want to lose the weight, then we are here to support you. I have all the gold stars updated so you can chart your progress. Print off the boot camp workout card and that will help you keep track – it’s one of the tabs at the top of the home page.

      I totally understand about getting too crazy with the small things, and I never seem to quite live up to what I plan, e.g. visiting everyone’s blog every day, but I think with the wedding on the horizon you are probably very, very busy and don’t need to put extra pressure on yourself. Don’t worry, we are always here. You just don’t know how happy I am about you loving meatless mondays 🙂 It does my heart good. I am also happy to hear you like the protein powder – that stuff saves me! Cheers!

  2. You hit the spot again Karma. I would love to be perfect all the time but as you say it’s a slow process. Altho I try to tell all the kids that I’m always perfect.

    Looked up all the water exercising, they look interesting. I will check into all of them and when we get back from Seattle, hopefully I can get involved in one of the programs they have.

    Went walking yesterday, then to Gr’s for 6 hours working around her house and running errands for them. I think I will hide out today (not really). On my way out the door now to walk the dog. See ya. M.

  3. This part is for Cynthia, why is it that the few times we wear our shirt the wrong way, we run into people that we know?
    Today is an off day for traditional exercise, I exercised 6 of the last 7 days, but I will be cutting the grass, and working on my bike, and when I work on my bike that turns into some riding to check things out.
    Also, can Darla write some good post or what.

  4. I’m hoping that I won’t wear my shirt inside out again; that ranks up there with forgetting to take off the clothing tags before you put it on and have a smiling 12 year old point it out to you at school:)
    And, yes, I’ve done that too.

    I’m a Masterpiece! Love it! I’m constantly looking at how I can improve myself inside and out; like art that changes with time, that changes with the stage of my life and my own goals.

    And, while trying to improve, I ran another 8.5 miles this morning in the humidity. That’s it! No more long runs until Sunday. Phew!

    • Cynthia – You crack me up! I too have had the “tag on the clothes” situation, but one of the worst was when I forgot to take the tag off the bottom of a new pair of shoes. I wore them to a meeting the next day – there I was swinging my foot around (while sitting) – thinking that people were looking at my gorgeous shoes and how fantastic they looked – but then my friend told me that the bright red sale tag was what was catching everyone’s attention. So much for trying to be the fashionista!

      Just thinking that we are masterpieces gets me too 🙂 Glad your long runs are over until Sunday! Stay inside and stay cool. ~Karma

  5. LOVED LOVED LOVED this.. again! Great analogy!!!! As I always say, I am a work in progress always! 🙂

    AND, a great work in progress workout this morn! Weights & cardio and abs/core.. love those weights!

  6. This reminds me of Robbie and T-unit. I was a masterpiece at the gym today!! Totally rocked it. Getting back to the gym late in the day has been hard but worth the effort. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

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