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A Compassionate World Begins With You…

that’s the tagline for Farm Santuary and I thought it would be a nice opener for our Meatless Monday post.   

Did you know Meatless Monday is not just limited to the United States?  Our friends Down Under have their own Meatless Monday site and tagline: “One day a week, cut out meat…for the people, for the planet.”  The Meatless Mondays Australia site is chock full of great information and ideas – check it out. 

So I was looking around for thoughtful and thought provoking articles/images for today’s post and I found something that you might find interesting, definitely challenging, on the Farm Sanctuary website.  At first I thought I would not post it, because I am not the type to be “all up in someone’s face” about things, but then I thought, “Why not?  It is good to challenge ourselves and our thinking.”  So, in the interest of giving you something to challenge your mind, as well as your body (don’t forget about this week’s boot camp workout), here is today’s post – Adapted from Farm Sanctuary’s Educational Resource Materials: Cultivating Compassion

Which do you pet and which do you eat?

The next step of the exericse is to consider the following statements: 

  • It is acceptable to eat one animal and not the other because…
  • It is unacceptable to eat any animal because…
  • It is acceptable to eat any animal because…

Like I said, this is just to get you thinking.  On that note, I will pass it to Underdog. 


When Polly’s in trouble, I am not slow,
For it’s hip! hip! hip! and away I go.

Have a great start to your week,


13 thoughts on “A Compassionate World Begins With You…

  1. We are getting ready to out for our walk/run. We stayed up too late last night watching True Blood and Curb Your Enthusiasm (Season 2), but I feel pretty good this morning.

    We made Sunday’s Meatless Monday Black Bean Toss salad last night, and as promised, I am here to report how it turned out.

    It was…fantastic! I like salads with a lot of dressing so I was a bit worried about whether I would like this recipe. Actually, I like everything with a lot of dressing/sauce, but I have cut everything down since I began my 365 Day Odyssey. I now allow myself 2 Tbsp of dressing on salads and I don’t use mayo any longer; my ketchup obssession still remains, but everything in its time). Okay, so back to the salad.

    1) Jimmy was not able to get super ripe mangoes, which turned out fine, because they were still good, but if they had been a bit riper then it may have added more liquid/dressing, but I am not sure if that is really important.

    2) Definitely get baby greens or shred the greens into smaller pieces because that way you can get the bean/mango/peppers mixture with each lettuce bite.

    3) The one drawback, I couldn’t always get the beans/mango/pepper mix and lettuce in each bite so sometimes it was mainly lettuce, which in the end wasn’t so bad.

    4) Loved, loved, loved making the tortillas this way – and the cumin – which I am not a big fan of – was perfect as the recipe calls for it.

    5) We put a teaspoon of Tabasco rather than a 1/2 tsp as the recipe calls, because we like it hot, and I actually added more Tabasco to my salad afterwards, it was good.

    6) Some of you may want to make something (a main course) to go with the salad :).

    7) We really loved this recipe. It was very healthy, no meat, and made us feel great afterwards and we will definitely make this again.

  2. Sounds like the only thing missing in your salad was “MY FIRST GARDEN TOMATO”. Just finished eating it altho have to admit it was small but delicious.

    Went for our walk as usual this morning. Dano is still feeling the upset stomach from the salmon bit last night, but did o.k.

    It’s hot here today, so looking forward to going to Dana’s where we will probably freeze. (Kidding Dana). See ya M.

    • Yes, if the weather is like what our morning started out you had better bring your winter jackets and moon boots!!

  3. M – Your first garden tomato! Nothing is quite so good as tomatoes from the garden. Wish we were there :).

    Had a lovely walk/run this morning. I am feeling stronger and stronger. It must have been that salad!

    • The all important stretching of the mind and body :). I ran out of time and didn’t get to do my body stretching today, which may account for the stiffness I feel. Everytime I get up from my office chair it takes me a few minutes to walk in a way that does not say “ouch!”.

  4. Love the post!! Still going to eat meat but lewis is glad it will not be him. Greg and I are at our best with trying to eat meat only 3-4 times a week and this usually has really, really great salmon incorporated. Cleaning the house for mom, dad and Nadine’s arrival this weekend!!

  5. I love the tagline. It’s so sad that there are many to continue to verbalize “I don’t care” and not even entertain trying to do something different.

    While I am staying away from the black bean salad, I will try it without the beans (one day when my husband is home to help eat it). However, this gave me the idea to dress up tacos for my boys with more vegetable trimmings (honestly, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner) and create a meatless taco night (I just have to be devious and trick them).

    Taking the day off running and getting back onto the bike (riding for 30 to 40 minutes, depending on how I feel). Then, I’m going to tackle part of Boot Camp! Now that I don’t have any racing planned for a while, I can start to stretch and strengthen other muscles that are being ignored.

  6. I fail meatless monday every week…..I forget its monday……one day though…one day …..I need to get a post it.
    Today went amazingly as planned in my little head……I got up early walked Pheobe, ate breakfast, showered, took my vitamins and still made it to school early…..
    I just got back from the gym where I did the sameish thing as yesterday but my friend was there and we stuck to our guns and completed all the necessary reps…..I can barely walk…and I got in my little everyday core thing…..I feel swell…..wish me luck for tomorrow!

  7. I spent yesterday stalking the Inperspire blog searching for all previous boot camps that have been posted. I am thinking they’ll come in handy once I go home. My mum eats ice cream at 10 o’clock at night… it’s totally toxic there!

    Good to know that the Black Bean Toss turned out fabulous! I will definitely be making that while I am at my parents for three weeks. (oh already freaking i`ll be home that long!)

    I am loving Meatless Monday’s and so glad that you mentioned it on here. I think while I am at my parents I am going to try to go meatless as many days in the week as I can. With maybe only one of two days of chicken. It’s the only meat I really like, and my parents usually eat more fatty things like steak. So who knows the whole thing could make me leave more vegetarian!

    I did the bootcamp workout that you have at the top of the page. Intense and I love the burn!


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