Wanna’ Have Some Fun?

Today’s post is dedicated to fun!  At least I consider it fun :).  Awhile ago I was looking for training videos to explain some of the boot camp moves we were doing in our challenges when I came across a Nike training video.  The video, which was just a short clip, showed athletes demonstrating training exercises for different sports.  It looked fantastic so I headed over to to watch some of the videos.  I soon learned that you have to sign up with before you have access to the Nike Training Club, i.e., the videos and training programs, which was fine by me.

After getting totally frustrated with the “fickleness” of the Nike website (you would think that Nike, with all their money, would have a fantastically easy to navigate website, and one that is not a bit fickle, you would think that, but you would be wrong) I figured out the sequence which must be followed to sign up and start your training program.  Should you choose to accept this mission (sounds like a line from Mission Impossible — Do you remember that show? — After receiving the mission instructions the tape would self-destruct — but I digress) and sign up for the Nike Training Club, you will then thank me for figuring this out for you.

So what do you get if you join the Nike Training Club?

My Nike Training Club Mini

1)  You get to create your own mini, which is fun in itself, but even better, when you are looking at your videos/programs your mini does all sorts of exercises on the screen, and speech bubbles appear above her head saying things like, “You get out what you put in” or “Stick it out just a little longer”.

2)  You get access to some totally awesome, and I really mean this, totally awesome training videos with unique and fun new ways to train.  You can train for a sport: soccer, tennis, track (the training videos for each of these sports are really good), or you can train for Dynamic Sport Conditioning (cardio, strength, stamina), or you can train for Dynamic Yoga (cardio, strength, stamina).  The Dynamic Yoga training program was created by Jay Blahnik one of the fitness industry’s top professionals.

3)  You can create your own training programs and keep track.

4)  You can invite (challenge) your friends to join you in finishing your programs.

If you decide to join the Nike Training Club, and who wouldn’t, here’s how:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “login” to register.
  3. Only after you have successfully registered — click on “Training”, then click on “Nike Training Club”.
  4. Click “Get Started”.
  5. Create your mini and follow the directions.

Here are some screen shots from my program to give you an idea of what is available and just how cute my mini is in action:

Have some fun today!  If you join the Training Club you can friend me: KarmaGirl.

P.S.  I tried to share the Nike Training videos with you via this blog, but Nike’s embed code doesn’t work right and the “direct link” for the videos just takes you to the “Get Started” page.  Who would of “thunk it”?


15 thoughts on “Wanna’ Have Some Fun?

  1. Thanks for sticking with this. I started to check it out a while ago and got completely frustrated, walked away and didn’t go back. I’ll have to be more patient and, perhaps, do it without my littlest munchkin around.
    Heading out today for 6 miles, hoping that that will finish off the blister that developed from Sunday’s race.

    Have a great day.

    • Okay, so I have to admit that I am glad to hear that someone else had trouble with the Nike site – I started thinking maybe it was just me! I bet your smallest will love making you and him a mini – it is fun and they are so crazily cute and feisty.

      Cynthia, I have not yet said congrats on your race time (1:17 and 3rd in your age group) and your accomplishment. I loved it that you said you played superhero at 15k. You know, we need more superheroes. As soon as I get back from our walk/run I will head over to your blog to read about your superhero moment :).

      I didn’t get a chance to reply to your comment from yesterday’s post, but I very much agree that we need people to just try to imagine something different.

      And finally, I cannot imagine running with a blister on my foot – I am big baby about blisters – let alone running 6 miles. You are a wild woman!

  2. Smith – Per your comment yesterday and how your day went exactly how you planned in your head – starting with exercise and ending with exercise – I have to tell you that this is where it starts. This is the point where everything begins to change.

    Plan it. Set your mind to it. Do it! Just keep repeating that over and over.

    I hope you feel swell again today. I will have your gold stars up momentarily.

  3. I am a fan of the Nike Video, but I get frustrated and if Darla did not set this stuff up for me I am not sure that I would ues it. We are headed outside for some good sweating, if we were smart we would go out at 7:00am, but no we would rather wait until it gets into the 90’s.

  4. Miss Erica – per your comment yesterday – you know – I think I will gather up all the past boot camps (aka booty camps) and post them on one of the tabs pages. That way we can access them whenever we want/need, like, for example, when we are going home for 3 weeks to a family who eats ice cream at 10 pm! You are going to have to be super diligent, keep your eye on the prize, and make sure not skip any workouts. That way you will feel good aobut what you are doing and if there is a small slip up you can easily fix it the next day.

    Loved the pics of your Meatless Monday Burrito – now I am hungry!

    P.S. You do not know how much your parents’ house sounds like mine – right down to the steak for dinner. Does your mom have candy hidden in the kitchen drawers?

  5. Hey–the candy is not hidden anymore, I ate it!!! (not really, I threw most of it away).

    It was really a pleasant walk this a.m. Dano was well behaved but he does get alful hot with his huge coat of hair. I’m headed over to Gr’s again this morning. Hopefully it will only be a few hours today and not the 6 hrs. spent the last time. Enjoy the day everyone. M.

  6. Back from a long hot and sweaty walk, we decided to walk because both of us had some tired legs, we have been hitting it hard all July. So, 4.6 mile walk, crunches, jumping jacks, push ups, and jump rope, now it is time to get back to work, and the shipping department of InPerspire is busy today, and that is great.

  7. wow my legs are on fire from yesterday….
    I couldn’t drag myself up this morning to walk Pheobe and was going to after school but it was sooo hot so I opted to swim for an hour instead….while not goofing off in the water I did some ab work against the side of the pool….I remember we got to do water aerobics in high school one year…..I wish they offered that to me I’d love it……..I’m gonna sleep so good tonight!!!

    • Hey Smith – Yes, my legs were really tired today too – squats and running a little more than usual were the culprits. I think it is good to give your body a rest when it is telling you to do so. I am glad you went swimming. Swimming is hard!

  8. My mum keeps candy hidden in the kitchen drawers, under her bed AND in the laundry room. It is absolute pure torture! I am hoping with cutting meat out as much as possible and booty camps that I can hopefully overcome the troubles at my parents house. It’s pure torture going home!! Scary!

    Today I did 5 miles and sweat like never before.


    • Notice how my “M” also known as my mom, claims she threw away her candy. I think we better check her laundry room! We adore you Erica :). ~Karma

  9. I thought the mini was an actual pic of you!! Great post once again and I am enjoying reading everyone’s comments.

    • Ha! That mini was me. Why don’t you have one? Oh, I know why, you are too afraid to join my “Intensity” program — you’re afraid of those zigzag runs! ~Karma

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