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I’m Learning to Live…

I’m living to learn…yes, it’s Jillian Michaels time!  Last week I missed my Jillian fix so it was with great excitement that I settled down to watch last night’s episode of Losing It.  From the very beginning it seemed Jillian had met her match with the Franklin family.  It seems the father, Todd, had called for Jillian’s help, but was really just talking the talk (he didn’t really want to walk the walk).  The mother, Amy, wasn’t on board at all because she knew Jillian would make her stop smoking.  Really, the only two thinking people in the Franklin family were the two girls, Lily and Chloe.  They desperately wanted their mother, whom they considered to be one of the smartest people they knew (along with Jillian), to stop smoking, and they wanted their father to lose weight so he wouldn’t die or have a stroke.

Todd’s issue:  Way overweight, late night eater (in secret), sleep apnea, and talked a good game, but had no follow through.

Amy’s issue:  Overweight, smoker, lost a lot of weight with gastric bypass, but gained it all back when she lost her business.

Of course there were marital issues that needed to be dealt with too.  It was a job that looked too big even for our Jillian. 

In the end Jillian was able to break through Todd’s barriers to help him lose weight (at the “reveal” he had lost 33 lbs) and he no longer needed his breathing machine.  After six weeks, Amy had lost 17 lbs.  She looked great, had stopped smoking, and returned to her Yoga community where she had once found such strength and peace.  It was a nice ending, but I have a feeling those two have more work to do. 

My favorite quotes from last night’s show:

“Amy, are you worth it?  Are you smart enough to get it done?”  ~JM
“What intelligent man goes out and kills himself with food?”  ~Todd
“It was a huge time in my life when I was accepted into a wellness and fitness community.  On the first day of class, after just six minutes, I was crying.”  ~Amy

My take on the whole thing:  There comes a time when no one can help you, but you.

Thanks for “Losing It” again with us this week, Jillian! 

Are You Worth It?  Only you know.


8 thoughts on “I’m Learning to Live…

    • Dana – I am so glad you finally got to watch Losing It! I think there were better episodes to watch so if you get some time watch some of the earlier ones.

  1. Yes, I am worth it & have the towel to prove it!
    🙂 And yes, a person has to want it themselves.. we can’t do it for anyone. They have to do the work!

    So, cardio was “survivable” in this heat & the gym was hot as you know what! Weights – AWESOME!

    • Yes, you do have a towel that says you are worth it :). Of course, we knew that without any towel telling us! One question we have to ask all gyms during the summer, why is it sooooooo hot? The Group X fitness room at 24 Hour does not have great circulation so about 5 minutes into Zumba you are too hot, too sweaty, and kind of clammy! Yuk!

  2. Not much time this morning so we did the 30 Day Shred. You know what motivated me? When I updated our gold stars for July, I saw how good I was doing (as compared to other months) and it made me want to get another one! Oh, the Gold Star :). I also did 50 of the boot camp squats.

  3. This is what I did today, first I did not plan on exercising today but that was okay for me to have a rest day. We got up a little late, and we both have busy days today, but we decided we had 30 minutes for exercise, so 30 day shred it was, and it was hard.
    For those of you that do not live in St Louis, you are lucky, 90 at 10:00am with about 80% humidity, I think this will be a sweaty day.

  4. I got up this morning a little later than planned so had to do some power walking with Pheobe…..it works though…….and then I had to work my one Waffle day so now I am home and need to turn in……

    Oh wait…..I started a team to walk for Alzheimer’s in September in Springfield…….I would love if any of you could sponsor me or join my team….here is the link:

    whoa that is long…….just search my name (Andrea Smith)

    I’m pretty excited about this
    see you guys tomorrow!!

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