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Hooah! It’s Boot Camp Time!

Hopefully, your boot camp workouts aren’t making you feel like this…

although I am pretty sure I was making a face a lot like hers last week during the hop & pops.  Those are hard!  So what’s on tap for this week’s workout?  How about a little something I picked up from Jillian, and from the Nike Trainig Club, as well as some other “fun” things to challenge yourself and your muscles?

Boot Camp Workout – July 17-23

10 sets of jack+ropes (25 jumping jacks followed immediately by 25  jump ropes=1 set)
5 – 30 to 60 second rounds of quick feet (in place or moving forward as in video)
100 seal jacks
100 push ups
100 crunches
25 crunches followed immediately by a 30 second plank (4 times)
25 seated leg extension/tucks (see description below)*
2 sets table top tucks (see Nike Training Club video and description below)**

Exercise Descriptions (let me know if you have any questions)

*Seated leg extentions/tucks: Sit on the floor with your hands spread wide behind you.  Lean back slightly, then extend the legs, and lift both feet off the floor; then tuck/bring your knees up toward your chest, then extend legs to starting position.  Do not let your feet touch the floor during the exercise.  

**Table Top Tuck (Nike Training Video)  
Images from training club.  If you want to see more videos like this one, join Nike’s Training Club.  For more information about the Nike Training Club check out ‘Wanna’ Have Some Fun?’.

Table Tucks: Position yourself on the floor, on all floors, with hands directly under your shoulders.  To begin the exercise, extend your left knee and right arm out (as shown in the the first photo, then tuck them in (see second photo).  Do 8-12 reps and on the final rep really hold, then bring back into beginning position.  Repeat on the other side (left arm, right leg).  8-12 reps on right side, 8-12 reps on left side = 1 set.

Good luck with this week’s boot camp workout.  I hope you find the exercises and new combinations challenging. Hooah!

P.S.  I will have the boot camp card for this week’s workout posted by tomorrow afternoon.


6 thoughts on “Hooah! It’s Boot Camp Time!

  1. I finished last week’s just this morning.
    Thank you for doing this! It has definitely added some fun to my boring strength training.

  2. Love the bootcamp! You know I am living off these bootcamps for the next three weeks!!!

    One of the gifts I was going to give to the booty camp winner last month was a jump rope that tracks your jumps. Are you interested in it?

    xo I am off to the baseball game and home tomorrow… pray for my health lol.

  3. Okay, this is late for me, yesterday was a long day, and today looks like more of the same. Busy day at InPerspire today, and that is a good thing. No traditional exercise for me, but I did go for a 55 minute walk to the PO and back in 94 degree humid St Louis weather, and now I am headed out to cut the grass. So, I am getting my sweat on.

  4. I’m loving the boot camps. It’s giving me a goal to aim for each week.
    Now, where I am with workouts? I ran Wednesday and yesterday. Today was an “off” day with a long, slow walk to the park with my boys. It took us 30 minutes to walk each way so they could play for 45 minutes! But, there is a great ending behind my game of tough love.

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