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Grow Your Own

In the spirit of Meatless Mondays we thought you would enjoy this bit of creativity: The Truck Farm.

When Jimmy and I first heard about the Truck Farm project we just couldn’t believe that someone could, or even would, grow a garden in the bed of a truck.  It just didn’t make sense.  Well, the proof is in the pudding, or the bed of the truck, so to speak. 

The Truck Farm is the trial experiment/project of Curt Ellis and Ian Cheney who, among other things:

…wanted address the fact that many American neighborhoods are food deserts—places where people don’t have access to fresh foods—whether they’re urban neighborhoods that only have liquor stores or rural places with acres of corn, soybeans and livestock, but no other fresh food is being grown. Creative agriculture is our response to that. (Eating Well: Truck Farm: Unusual Urban Garden Project).

Ellis and Cheney planted rows of arugula, tomatoes, lettuce, and hot peppers in the bed of their 1986 Dodge Ram.  It was their only vehicle, so wherever they went, so too did their garden.  As you can imagine, driving a garden around Brooklyn comes with special considerations, for example,  “…we can’t really go over 40 or soil starts flying out of the back.” (Ellis, Eating Well).  Ellis and Cheney’s project, “part political statement and part urban agricultural experiment” is also the focus of their award winning documentary.  You can watch excerpt’s here  The Truck Farm project is sheer genius and I believe it’s just the kind of thinking we need.

Have a wonderful start to your week and a great Meatless Monday,


7 thoughts on “Grow Your Own

  1. This makes me hungry. Today will be a bitter sweet day. Bitter because my parents are going back home and we had so much fun. Sweet because I am getting back to exercise today.

    Thanks to everyone for such nice wishes for my parents anniversary, it isn’t everyday you see people married for 51 years!!

    I hope you all start your week out right with meatless Monday and some exercise!!!

  2. Today is the start of a new week, and this will be a good week of exercise. Yesterday not a big day for exercise, but I did go for a walk in the park, and play WII frisbee golf, rowing, bowling, and bike riding.

  3. This is so, so cool. I wonder if they have problems with town critters digging up their plants.

    It’s official; I’m in a runner’s rut. I headed out for 10 miles this morning but felt like garbage and turned it into 8. When I got home, I stretched and had an amazing 30 minute nap. Stretching tonight is on the agenda; I can feel my legs starting to tense up.

    • Can you imagine, that 8 miles would be a runner’s rut for you? 8 miles is so much. I am sure you just need a bit of a rest. Remember the Dinah Washington song, “What a difference a day makes…” I am sure that is it 🙂

  4. I’m Back! You all kept me sane while I was in work overload. I would love to report that I was able to work out the past four days, but I can’t. I did, however, almost finish the boot camp and I am STILL feeling the Romanian one-legged deadlifts! Those have to be a weekly staple for me. Today I rested and we finally got out for a nice walk. I am looking forward to getting a real gold star tomorrow. I will have the gold stars updated later this afternoon.

    I am glad you thought the Truck Farm was as awesome as I did when I first saw it. Cheers!

  5. Seriously love that truck farm! What a neat idea! Maybe thats what I need to do to Brett’s truck. Our balcony is just way too small. LOL.

    I have continued meatless monday, and actually cant wait for mondays. I have a feelings I will soon be going meatless more often. I also bought a mango today and will make the salad you made last week within the next few days. It just looks so fabulous.

    Yesterday I ran four miles and today I shopped with my mum for seven miles. Having issues finding her a dress for the wedding…eeks.

    Oh and just for fun this is what I saw when I came home: garage freezer middle shelf filled with ice cream, house freezer…ice cream, popsicles, ice cream sandwiches, frozen snickers bars etc, kitchen table chocolate cake, dining room table vanilla cake and cupcakes, kitchen brownies, cabinet stocked with sweets, laundry room stocked…. hello they have more crap than the grocery store. I dont know how on earth my mum weighs 102 pounds good freaking lord lol.


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