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I Need A Shoulder Someone Can Lean On

In my continuing love affair with Nike Ads, here is another spectacular example of how we might look at our body parts with fresh eyes.

My shoulders aren’t dainty or proportional to my hips. Some say they are like a man’s. I say, leave men out of it. They are mine. I made them in a swimming pool then I went to yoga and made my arms.  Just Do It.  ~Nike

In your personal fitness quest be sure to include those shoulder presses.



10 thoughts on “I Need A Shoulder Someone Can Lean On

  1. I wish I had that when I was a kid, my sister always made fun of my shoulders and said I looked like a ruler. In fact that was part of her line when she introduced me. I’m off to school and then this afternoon something fun…..I’ll get back to you. I gotta double up becuase I slacked extra yesterday, my tennis game however I feel more than I thought, that stuff is not easy. I cannot wait for cooler weather so it’ll not make me drink a gallon of water ….I hate it when I can feel the water in my belly…….
    Also, I’ve become officially addicted to avacados……I eat them for breakfast and usually dinner and then I think about them all day…….They are so good……I also found a meatless meal with them and papaya, I haven’t tried it but need to. Ah i’d better stop rambling about nothing and get to school…..Happy Thursday:)

  2. Hey Smith! Hope you have fun at class today. I love taking class. Glad to hear you are drinking all that water. Love the avocados too. I swear I could eat avocados day and night; when I am in Kenya they grow everywhere, and they are huge, and cheap and we do eat them day and night, which is fine when I am in the field, but when I am home I am not active enough to support the extra cals.

    Let us know how the meatless monday meal turns out – we can post that as one of the recipes.

    Cynthia – running with kids, a stroller, and hot weather – yes – what were you thinking :). Let us know what kind of shows you get.

    Not sure what I am doing for exercise today, but I will report later.

  3. Internet has been down all morning so could not post until now. Went for long walk today around the park one and a half times. The sprinklers were on and who got the most water on them is up in the air. Dano’s coat is so heavy it doesn’t sink in but I was pretty wet. Felt good with the temps. being what they are now.

    I’m off to cut the lawns now. Have a good day. M.

  4. Having a great day, still on vacation but having a working vacation, I need to do a bit more working and a bit less vacationing. Cloudy where we are today but I am hoping that the sun comes out soon. Doing a good amount of exercise this week, but also a good amount of eating and other things. I think that a good run is in my future today, or maybe some rowing, but that depends on the weather.

  5. I love shoulders; they really tell a lot about a person and their lifestyle.

    I ended up buying Saucony shoes. I’ve been wearing Asics for a while but want to shake things up a bit; these seem like a better choice. Crossing fingers and toes! I’m testing them out in about an hour for a 6 miler – and when it’s cooler.

  6. AH ….I made it to the gym to do intervals with jump rope and arms…… and then back home for a jog/walk with Pheobe……now I’m hungry:)

  7. We had a great day, and the sun came out and it turned out to be a nice day. We may go home tomorrow if I can find a flight out, if not Sat.
    Cynthia, I went from Nike to Asics about 6 years ago.
    Also looked at some houses today, I think that it is time for a move.

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