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This Boot Camp is for you…

TracyTracy has been a boot camp machine this summer!   I believe she has completed every boot camp workout.  I am bestowing the title of Boot Camp Goddess on you, Tracy!  Here’s to your determination and grit!  Hooah!

Now, here’s the boot camp whistle signaling it’s time for me to get my rear in gear!

July 23-30 Boot Camp (Boot Camp Workout Card)

100 jumping jacks
100 seal jacks (yes, I like these seal jacks)
200 jump ropes (if you are using a rope, you can try jumping backwards a few times, it’s supposed to be good for you, but I am a little afraid.  I will let you know how it goes)
100 side-to-side lateral jumps*
100 Hop Scotch**
50 one-legged Romanian deadlifts – these are really working for me so expect to see them every week!
50 push-ups
50 push-ups against a wall/table/counter top with first the right leg raised, then the left leg (so that’s 50 on each leg)
200 crunches
100 heel touch crunches

And, in our continuing efforts to strenghthen our core and work on our balance here is a fun exercise from the Nike Women Club:

Tree Pose with a Reach

Begin exercise by grabbing the ankle of your right foot with your left hand and placing your foot against your leg as in the picture below:

Once your foot is placed, find your balance and bring your arms up like so:

Then reach your arm to the right, back to center, then left arm reaches left, then back to center:

You can then make it harder by turning your head to look in the direction of your arm, then back to center, etc. 

Once you have completed one set without turning the head, and one set turning the head, bring the foot back down to the floor and repeat on the other side.  Do as many of these as you can in 2 minutes. 

*Side-to-Side Lateral Jump:  Place a small (low in height) object such as a piece of tape or a rope on the floor.  Stand on one side of the object and bend your knees into a slight squat.   Jump over the object, landing with knees slightly bent.  Jump from side to side for desired number of counts.  Be sure to use an object that won’t move/slide if you land on it.

**Hop scotch: Even though the person in this video is using an agility ladder, if you don’t have an agility ladder (I don’t), then just do them in place or make an impromptu one with tape or string.  Hop Scotch video.

Have Fun.  Get Strong.  Be Ferocious in your Workouts!


10 thoughts on “This Boot Camp is for you…

  1. What an honor! Thank you, Karma!!

    Though really, the credit goes to you… you’ve put together some great boot camps. I love the challenge and need the deadline (otherwise the list will never get checked off). 🙂

    • Tracy, I am right there with you – without a deadline I am literally on a never-never plan. I was thinking I might try to come up with a boot camp goddess image. It might take awhile to get it right. You deserve the title!

  2. Good luck all!!!!

    I work on my balance but since I have really bad feet.. always been flat & if possible flatter as I get older which is pretty hard since they were always flatter than a pancake.. so my overpronation is BAD!!!!!! But I work on it!

    Rest day for me.. love it! Tomorrow will be jogging & play time with some crazy grandkids!

  3. The crazy grandkids workout – it’s a tough one :).

    My balance used to be so good. Now those Romanian one-legged deadlifts have me really working to not fall over.

    Jimmy and I went for our regular 5k walk today – in heat that is considered by most, unbearable, but we had no choice. Then we did a partial bootcamp. I feel good today.

    After working out we dropped some InPerspire work, then off to several Asian Grocery stores looking for vegetarian nuac cham sauce, which we did not find, so we are adapting our Asian Noodle Bowls tonite. I did find some lovely sandalwood soap that I love so that makes me happy.

  4. Went out late today for a long walk and started some of the boot camp, but it was way too hot, I think about 96 when we were out. We are back from our vacation/semi working vacation, and it is time to get some healthy food in the body and some good exercise. I hope all of you have a great weekend.

  5. I’m loving the Boot Camps. I am not doing all parts of them but doing what works for me each week. They really are great for keeping me focused and motivated.

    We had our last day of U5 soccer today (Hooray!). Somehow, 9 weeks turned into 11. Now, there is just Skipper’s team to worry about.

    • Cynthia – You keep yourself very busy. Isn’t funny how one thing ends, but another just comes it to take it’s place? Enjoy it while the boys are young :).

  6. I am starting my bootcamp tomorrow! I loved having you and Jimmy to inspire me( especially Jimmy’s fantasy of telling me to imagine Greg at the top of the hill with an ice cold beer when you finish)! We hit the gym early, did a bit of everything, then went boating on Lake Washington, hot here almost 91 degrees.

    By the way Shape magazine has a great article this month about hitting the inner thighs.

  7. I seriously LOVE your “booty camps,” honestly I have been trying to do them everyday or every other day so that maybe I can lose weight. So far no luck. I think I might have a thyroid problem or something because this is insane!


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