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Mizithra Pasta (Spaghetti Factory)

We were going to feature our famous (famous in our own mind) Fancy Schmancy Spinach Lasagne — but it is so hot in St. Louis — How hot is it, you ask? — It’s so hot you can fry an egg on a sidewalk — it’s so hot I saw two trees fighting over a dog (I read that one on-line) — it’s so hot that our air conditioner has not turned off for 2 days (that last one is not a joke – it’s unfortunately true) — anyway — it’s too hot to cook so we thought something Dana and Greg made us while we were in Seattle would be good for today’s recipe.  It’s not skinny food, but it certainly is good, and if you make a green salad to go with the pasta you will probably be able to keep your portions down. 

Old Spaghetti Factory Mizithra Cheese Pasta.  It is simply browned butter with grated Mizithra Cheese over the top of the pasta.  Mizithra or Myzithra is a hard Greek cheese, quite salty, and super delicious.  Here’s a picture of what this dish looks like.


1.  Cook pasta in salted, boiling water.
2.  When your pasta is almost done, begin to slowly melt 1 stick of butter (sliced into 8 pieces for more even melting) over medium heat. 
3.  Whisk/stir frequently, until you see brown specks on the bottom of the pan.  At this point, the butter should have a  nutty aroma and a golden brown color.  Here is a link that gives instructions on how to brown butter, however, Dana basically just melted butter until she saw the brown flecks. 
4.  You can strain the butter through a sieve making sure not to include the brown specks, or you can just carefully skim about 1/4 cup (or less) of butter per plate of pasta from the top of your sauce pan (make sure not to get any of the residue).  Toss the butter and the pasta and then add the grated Mizithra cheese to taste. 

So go meatless this Monday with a classic Old Spaghetti Factory favorite.  It’s such a classic that according to the Spaghetti Factory Menu: “Legend has it that Homer lived on this while composing the Illiad”.  Isn’t that just the greatest tie in with our 365 Day Odyssey?!

Happy Sunday!


10 thoughts on “Mizithra Pasta (Spaghetti Factory)

  1. From Monday on last week I was meatless… until last night when I found out the salad bar restaurant in Nordstroms that I love is being made into a pizza place… so annoying! So I had the last chicken waldorf salad ever, and you know it was just chicken which is really the only thing I eat, and I just feel blah this morning. My protein is very low all the time so it’s probably not good for me to be vegetarian. However I did decided that maybe I will only have meat a couple times a week. I am kind of addicted to Meatless Monday, and the way I feel on Tuesday from not eating meat. Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend! That recipe sounds delish!


    • Hi there Erica. I love Waldorf Salads :). Very annoying when you find a place you love to eat and then they turn it into something else! I know what you mean about eating certain foods and then feeling not so good afterwards. Dana calls this going into a food coma. Yesterday Jimmy and I knew we needed to keep our food simple food (after a fun few days eating out in Seattle) so went to a place called Katie’s Pizza. It’s an upscale pizza joint with fancy salads. We ordered a microbrew and a lovely dark green salad with a balsamic vinaigrette. It was perfect. Jimmy loves pizza so I thought for sure he would be tempted into that, but he manage to avoid the temptation. Salad and beer – that’s kind of crazy. I am so glad you are enjoying your meatless days!

  2. Thank you for the consistently great posts. It feels like I am getting to know you guys through your posts! Good job! I will try the pasta…

    • Hi Nancy :). Thanks for your nice comments! We definitely give posting our best try, although sometimes life, work, and vacations get the best of us. Love your Cosmyc Yoga picture – it is just so peaceful and nice. Let us know if you like the pasta. I am a bit worried because Dana made it for us and sometimes I don’t have the best of luck reproducing things, but I am giving it my best try this evening.

  3. This really is a great recipe. I am glad you two enjoyed it. Maybe next time you can post the Olive Garden salad dressing recipe ( I could eat this by the spoonful). We are hot here, but not like good old St. Louis. Seattle should reach about 85-90 again today. We are getting on our bikes early(if Greg get out of bed soon) and riding hopefully atleast 30-40 miles. Happy Sunday everyone.

    • Jody – That makes me laugh, if you make it I will come. First, let’s see how my attempt turns out. Enjoy your grandkids today. They are lucky to have you.

  4. We found Mizithra cheese at whole foods, I do not think that any of our local big markets have it, and because we just came from the gym and did not want to run all over town we also picked up a few other things at Whole Foods, or should I call it whole paycheck.
    I could not handle the St. Louis heat today, and Darla wanted to do Zumba, so we went to the gym. Weights, Cybex, and Stair machine, had a great workout.

  5. Had a great Zumba class today, although, our instructor has a torn calf muscle 😦 Despite this, she did a great job leading the class with verbal cues while wearing a boot and still shaking her behind. Here’s to a quick recovery, Stacy!

    As Jimmy said, we found Mizithra (Myzithra) cheese. Whew! I was getting worried for a bit. We thought we would be looking for a Greek Market for awhile, but Whole Foods came through for us.

    I feel so peaceful today. It’s that calm you feel after you exercise – it’s just so nice. Hope everyone has a great day.

  6. We have really had a nice day also. After our exciting Pioneer Days here in Utah..Ha
    The fireworks were the best, wish all the kids could have been here also. (I’m sure they are happy just where they are all at.)

    Took the dog out and I think we have a goat with us. He ate everything in sight from candy that had been thrown around to who knows what. Anyway had a pretty good walk.
    Going to a party in a few minutes and it will not be to healthy I’m sure but sure will be fun.
    See ya. M.

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