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Roller Coaster of Love

Some of you are machines, highly motivated machines, and it is probably hard for you to understand why some of us are always talking about motivation.  I am guessing our talk sounds a lot like this to you: “Motivation yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda is hard.  If that is you, you are probably smiling about now.

My relationship with motivation can best be compared to a roller coaster ride — sometimes it’s up and sometimes it’s down.  (By the way, this post really has nothing to do with the title, Roller Coaster of Love, because it’s not about love, it’s about motivation, but I like the Ohio Player’s song so much I couldn’t resist it). 

Getting and staying motivated has always been a bit of a struggle for me and it is the very reason why the idea of creating motivational fitness towels, now known as InPerspire towels, popped into my head, but that’s another story.

Because I am always thinking about motivation, mine and others, this Fitness article caught my eye.  There are some great tips for those of us who occasionally need to look for motivation to workout.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Exercisers
By Jennifer Soong

Five or six days every week, Sue Wolcott, 41, hits the treadmill in her basement. It’s a habit that started after she named her exercise machine Ripley. “It’s as in ‘Believe it or not, I’m working out,'” says Sue, a teacher in Grand Island, New York. “I would never skip out on meeting a friend, so I decided to treat my treadmill like a person.” It’s become, ahem, a running joke in her set; one pal now refers to her own treadmill as Dusty. “It’s just us being silly, but when I’m asked if I’ve seen Ripley, I really love answering yes,” Sue says.

Any motivational strategy that incorporates giving your workout equipment a name just tickles me.  It really is a pretty clever strategy.   your daily walk/run, or weight routine.  It really is a pretty clever strategy. 

Do you think this strategy would work for you?  What would you name your workout equipment, your daily walk/run, or weight routine? 

You can read the entire article on motivation and get seven stick-with-it tips here: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Exercisers.

Have a funky and fabulous Thursday!

P.S.  I committed to taking a class this Saturday from a wonderful, dear friend of mine, Kari James, who will be teaching the Napoleon-Tabitha SYTYCD routine for National Dance Day.  Kari teaches adults who love to dance and she is absolutely wonderful – both as a dancer and as a human being :).  If you live in the St. Louis area and would like to join the fun, you can find details at Kari James Dance Network or here.

P.P.S.  I tried learning the routine through the online video, but with Napoleon and Tabitha facing me, on an angle, and my not so quick at picking up dance steps, let alone, hip hop steps, mind, it wasn’t looking too good.  I am hoping Kari can fix my lack of funkiness!  Good luck with that :).


9 thoughts on “Roller Coaster of Love

  1. I am sooooooo glad to be back, too, Karma!

    It was great to get back to working out yesterday afternoon. I think my trainer is so brilliant…she gave me an amazing resistance workout to do on my own that includes weights, but also body weight and strengthening my ankle! I always tell her she is a great educator for me!

    Loved today’s post…I subscribe to Fitness magazine to keep me motivated and think it is full of wonderful information and inspiration! My subscription was also one of my rewards to myself for exercising. 🙂

    Thanks for the info on Kari’s Saturday workshop…I signed up! I lack a sense of funk, too, so it should be very interesting and entertaining! Looking forward to it! And staying for the free Zumba class afterwards. 🙂

    Going to spinning class tonight for an hour!
    Have a great Thursday!

    • Mary – You are right back in the swing of things! I am so glad you will be joining me on Saturday. I just read that Kari is teaching a new funky jazz routine – I thought it was the Nappy-Tabs routine, now I am scared, but I guess I will just go and have fun, but first I am writing Kari to find out about this new routine.

  2. A lot of runners have names for their Garmins. I’ll probably do the same if I make the big purchase.

    I had an amazing run this morning. Temperatures were much cooler (18C or 64F) when I went out and the sun wasn’t hot yet. I got 8 miles in and I didn’t even feel tired at the end:) I’m on such a runner’s high these days….

    • I had no idea runners had names for their Garmins. Glad to hear your temps are so delightful and it sounds like they have put a mighty spring in your step :).

  3. My Exercise outside today was just like Cynthia’s, but only different. When we went out it was hot, like in the 90’s hot and humid, and I was tired. Had a longer run today, and at the end did some boot camp and some push ups. Today is going to be a long day for me, I am headed back to TJ’s in two hours, and I am tired.
    I hope all of you have a great day.

  4. As Jimmy said, we are hotter than a cat on a hot tin roof here. The temps, combined with allergies that felt like asthma, made our walk/run kind of difficult today, but we persevered and doing the boot camp afterwards upped the difficulty. Those side lateral jumps with the seal jacks and very little rest between are killers.

  5. It’s raining slightly here right now. Went for walk, over to Gr’s again, then to Cosco with the girls to get their Lagoon passes. They are at the mall right now and I was glad to drop them off as I didn’t have enough energy to walk around with them and who wants their Grandma with them at their age. Have a good day M.

  6. yes, its late but I got in an hour of tennis playing after work today, I am glad it rained. I really like playing tennis because it’s easy-ish meaning it doesn’t seem like a workout but then the next day my arms and legs are tight and need stretched so something must be going on…..only three more days of work, can’t wait!!

  7. You don’t want to know what I call some of my cardio equipment! 😉 Weights get all the love talk from me!!!!

    As for motivation, for me, I have worked this hard for so many years that it is just part of my life but I never want to go back, that is for sure, I love the muscles so that keeps me going AND getting older is a sure way to motivate you to keep at it cause I feel things I never did just 5 years ago!

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