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Who’s Your Superhero?

Yes, that’s me.  I am able to make outrageously ridiculous predictions about what will happen – when I try something new – in a single bound.  I will let you know how the dance class goes today.  Wish me luck!

Have a Sassy Saturday!


14 thoughts on “Who’s Your Superhero?

  1. Hi, Karma!
    I love your Anxiety Girl post!

    And I appreciate your compliment that I am a machine…but my ankle begs to differ. 🙂
    It’s begging for rest today so that I can get back to exercising tomorrow. I’m so sorry that I need to pass on today’s dance class to nurse it.

    Can’t wait to hear how it goes!
    I’m sure you will be amazing!

    • Hi Mary – I am so glad you are taking the day off. It’s good to be back, but doing too much at the beginning can be a set back. You are one smart cookie to listen to your body. Even though you were not physically present at the dance class, you were definitely there in spirit.

  2. My internet is finally back up..knock, knock, knock on wood. Love anxiety girl, I don’t know where you are getting these photos of me. Greg and I are off to the gym for a really long, overdue workout( a lot of stress this week). I will be doing full body weights, followed by cardio. I hope everyone has a fabulous Saturday and dance your pants off at the event today( not really offhaha.)

    • So glad you are back to it this weekend. You are so much happier, as am I, when you are working out. I came close to dancing my pants off today :).

  3. I’m having a lazy day – walking to the bakery with the boys so that one can practise riding his bike, walking to the grocery store with the boys so that he can continue to practise riding his bike… You get the picture.
    If I’m really good, I’ll get some cleaning done too!

    • Cynthia, that just sounds like a lovely, lovely day (with the exception of the cleaning, but sometimes getting the cleaning done, once its done, has its own special joy). With all riding practice your son will be a pro in no time.

  4. I am back, and I am sweaty. I did not walk to the PO but I did go for a long run, and when I got home did push ups and jump rope. I love me some boot camp.

    • Jimmy said he did 100 jump ropes followed immediately by 25 push-ups and then repeated the sequence – and – it was hard. Maybe that will be in a future boot camp challenge.

  5. holy moly work was intense today so glad only one more day, I have managed to get a disgusting blood blister on my toe from working and this store seems so much bigger behind the counter so I have to reach and walk farther, i think I am going to eat and then sleep till I have to be back at six tomorrow morning. Good job everybody on everything!! I need some motivation!! work is sucking all mine dry…..

    • Smith – It sounds like you are getting in some good workouts at work – maybe that will help put a positive spin on your working a million hours this week!

  6. Anxiety Girl to the rescue…she gave me lots to think about prior to the dance class, but once there, when I was greeted by old friends, all my dire predictions vanished. The warm up was nice, I remembered it from before, Kari James, taught us the routine with the care and love she always does with her adult students. I am not claiming that I am ready for broadway anytime soon, but I wasn’t a disaster, and that’s a win in my book. After teaching us one of her routines we did the Nappy Tabs routine from SYTYCD, It was a ton of fun and a lot easier to learn from Kari than the video.

    Then I did something crazy. After dancing for an hour I decided to stay and try the Zumba class right afterwards. Our Zumba instructor was fantastic, her name is Sara Brendel, and the girl had it goin’ on. The class had an African and hip hop flavor and by the end of the hour I was one sweaty, tired girl. I looked like I had jumped into a pool with my clothes on.

    I am recovering now. Just ate a delicious veggie burger, with pepperjack cheese, and a spicy Thai Chili mayonnaise, and I am drinking lots of water. Oh, and I forgot, I am going to take a nap.

    Lotsa! ~Karma

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