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Lasagne Swirls/Sunday’s Meatless Monday Recipe

As you can tell, we like ourselves some pasta, and our Meatless Monday recipe continues that tradition.  Using Jimmy’s famous marinara sauce recipe, which is simple, inexpensive, and awesome, combined with spinach, lasagna, and ricotta cheese, our recipe today is called Fancy Schmancy Spinach Lasagne because it is that classy.  It’s so classy that we should probably call it Audrey Hepburn Pasta because she is just the very symbol of class and fancy schmancy.

This pasta is so good, and looks so fancy that we serve it to guests so they think we are better cooks than we are.  Now that I think about it, this pasta should have a better name than Fancy Schmancy Lasagna so I renaming it to reflect it’s classy nature.

Audrey Hepburn Spinach Lasagna
1 pkg lasagna noodles (will use 12 of the noodles)
2 pkg frozen spinach (thawed) *
¾ c. parmesan
1 ¼ c. mozzarella
1 1/3 c. ricotta
1 tsp salt
½ tsp pepper
½ tsp nutmeg

Squeeze spinach to remove excess moisture. In a bowl, mix spinach with all other ingredients, except noodles. Spread about ¼ c. to a 1/3 c. of mixture along entire length of noodles, roll noodles up. Lightly spray Pam Olive Oil, pour some sauce to cover the bottom of pan. Put rolled up noodles in sauce standing on end. Once all noodles are standing in pan, pour more sauce over each noodle, plus ~halfway up noodles. Cover. Bake 350 degrees for 55 minutes.

Jimmy’s Sauce:
3 cans crushed tomatoes
¼ c. olive oil
¾ red onion
T. of chopped garlic (from the jar)
crushed red pepper flakes
black pepper
garlic salt

Saute chopped red onion and garlic in olive oil (~6 minutes); add crushed tomatoes, ~2 shakes of garlic salt, ~ 2 shakes (if you like it a little spicy) crushed red paper flakes, and ~2 shakes of black pepper; cook over medium heat until sauce begins to boil; reduce heat to simmer and cover partially with a lid, stirring often for about 40 minutes.

*We used fresh spinach last time and it was really good, but not as easy as using the frozen spinach.

Have a beautiful Sunday!

P.S.  We will post pics of our Audrey Hepburn Spinach Lasagna on tomorrow’s post so you can see it.

P.P.S.  Our stars look fabulous this month, well done!


17 thoughts on “Lasagne Swirls/Sunday’s Meatless Monday Recipe

  1. Cool names, I can’t help but smile I think hubby will find it amusing, too! We are a lasagna-loving family. And believe it or not my kids do eat spinach lasagna. I find it a little weird that nobody among them even made the slightest snide about the green stuff when I first made it. Well, I guess you can really never go wrong with something cheesy. 🙂

    • When I think classy – I think Audrey. I am glad you liked the name – it actually makes me love the dish a little more with its new name. I visited your site and i cannot believe there are that many ways to make lasagna. I am really interested in the Mexican lasagna – so is Jimmy. Have you tried it?

      That is strange (and good) that your kids ate the spinach lasagna without batting an eye. It is probably due to the cheese factor, as you said. It’s been my experience that anything with cheese in it or on it is usually good :).

  2. I have made this recipe and it is delicious!! Greg and I are riding today. It feels like we live in San Diego lately, we are starting the day with a marine layer then it burns off. This is a true oddity for us and I do not really like it. I am with Erica with I like the new recipe name!!

    • I hope you and Greg have a great bike ride today. Jimmy and I planned to go for a ride, but his derailleur needs a fix so we decided to wait until Wednesday or Friday of this week.

  3. Since the bike ride was nixed due to the derailleur “situatio” and the fact that we stayed up unti 2 am this morning, we went for our long walk (4.5 mi) and then finished up last week’s boot camp (the Romanian single-leg deadlifts) and include push ups. We also did some jacks and crunches just because we should.

  4. The bike situation will be fixed soon, like today, I have 2 bikes and they both have issues.
    Had a great walk and boot camp today, and now I am off to get what I need for Lasagna.
    Have a great day.

  5. Thanks for the meatless Monday reminder!

    Sounds like you rocked the house yesterday, Karma! Way to go!

    Did my hour of resistance training today…single-leg exercises and all! Still no Zumba to rest my ankle. Feels so good to be exercising again! It always give me more energy afterwards. I can’t believe it is August 1st! But it is a new month and a clean slate.

    I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend.

    • Mary – The Kenyans have a saying, “haraka, haraka, hyena baraka”, which means hurry, hurry makes waste. I think you are doing it right – slow and and easy will get you there. When your ankle feels strong enough you will have to try out the Saturday at 12:30 Zumba with Sara – the instructor from yesterday’s National Dance Day. She’s the bomb.

      • Thanks, Karma, for being so super-supportive and for the wise saying. And if you say that Sara is the bomb, then I will definitely try her Zumba class one of these Saturdays!!!

  6. Hey People… It isn’t Monday yet…

    We (Dana and I) love the meatless marinara sauce. However, you will be hard pressed to get me to eat anything with ricotta cheese (oops, I just threw up a little in my mouth) in it… Other than than extremely hideous ingredient, the recipe looks great.

    We rode for 15 miles this morning. Felt great to be back in the saddle. That’s 4 days of solid workouts. Can wait until tomorrow.

    • Hey SE – Glad you back. You can leave the ricotta out and just do more mozarella. I have done that before. Now we know that the SE isn’t a fan of Feta and absolutely abhors ricotta. Four days of workouts – sounds like you are on a roll. Looking forward to August.

  7. You can also try to substitute feta for ricotta; no one but the cook will know the difference (at least, that’s the way it is in my house).

    Had a great run this morning – same route (13.5 miles) as last Sunday but this week I timed it. Things are looking good:)

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