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My Hips
Return to Puberty
When I’m in dance class
making them crazy
and spontaneous
and optimistic
and prone to drama
and I don’t understand them
and sometimes they
don’t understand themselves
when the music stops
they’re still charged
don’t touch me
sparks will fly.
Just Do It.  ~Nike

To let you in on a little secret, this is how I feel everytime I dance.  I hope you have an activity that makes you feel that sense of wild abandon.  Just Do It.  You don’t even have to ask.

Let Your Sparks Fly!

P.S.  I have your August Stars ready, but I am working on the August image.  I will post stars, image, and all on Wednesday.  Start this month strong and stay strong.

P.P.S. (Because there is always a P.P.S. with me) Look who made Cake Wrecks: Wreckies of the Month.  If you don’t remember the picture I posted a few weeks ago, ours is the Cornucopia Rodeo with the banana and corn jockeys.  On Saturday evening, Jennifer called me, a little out of breath, to say, “Oh my, Darla, we’ve made Cake Wrecks!”  Yes, Jennifer is a goddess and one good friend, and she makes me smile.


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    • I know, Jody, I am not sure it is something to be shouting about :). You will be happy to know I am getting better at my push-ups. Doing 25 a day, come rain or shine.

  1. Darla can do herself some dancing. Today is the hottest day this year in St. Louis, but that did not stop us, it did make us go out a bit early today. We had a good run/walk, and some boot camp, and we were hot.

  2. Great post!

    Did an hour of new resistance/weight training this morning. Felt great! 🙂 My wonderful trainer told me to go easy on the cardio this week…maybe swimming or maybe yoga tomorrow.

    Karma, I would give you the ravioli recipe, but we bought it at Schnucks. 🙂

    And I am still working on the butterfly project today! Fun but tedious! It really is an honor! I am enjoying it a lot!

    • Oh, I like recipes that come from stores :). Once you get your butterfly project done, be sure to let us know. A woman I met at the National Dance Day, who also takes our Sunday Zumba class, told me that Sue, teaches a great Yoga class at 24 Hr. Fitness on Mondays, I think at 6:30.

  3. Robbie called me from the Metrolink platform today, on his way to work, to tell me that he was literally baking while he was waiting. It’s that hot. Over 103 degrees, but a heat index of 129 F. Now that is an oven.

    We got out before 8 am this morning and had a good jog/walk then sit ups, push ups, and such.

  4. I’m definitely going to have to head over to this week; everything you post from them, I love.

    I hope you have pictures of the cake wrecks. They make me laugh.

    Humidity is back – and I seem to have my head buried in concrete as I didn’t realize it until after I headed out for my run. The heat index was 106F when I went out; suddenly, my slow 3 miles seemed mighty powerful. The best part, though, was being whistled at:)

    • Hey Cynthia! You must be having exactly the same weather we are. That made me laugh when you said you must have had your head buried in concrete not to realize the heat index was 106 – yes – high heat index and being whistled out – what a great combination! Hope you are cooler today :).

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