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Let the Sun Shine, Let the Sun Shine in…

And Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planets, and love will steer the stars. It is the dawning of…

InPerspire’s First Birthday!

It’s been one year since we started our journey of opening our own business and producing a product we love so much that we wanted to share it with others.  We have learned a lot this year, but you know what we have found to be the most transformative?  Opening InPerspire has given us the opportunity to meet, talk with, get to know, and learn from people we would never have known otherwise.  In the Book of Karma the friendships we have made this past year may in fact be the point of this whole endeavor.  By the way, I really don’t have a book that I named after myself, but I do have a list, as long as a book, in fact it’s becoming an epic, that I keep in my head with all the things that I believe make a good life – and this is one of them.  Okay, I better get on with it – I can get a bit sentimental sometimes. 

In celebration of our first year in business, we thought we would offer not one, not two, but 7 towels on special each week for the entire month of August.

Why? Because we like you.  And because we want you to have a mantra to motivate you each day of the week. You can pick and choose your towel of the day based on how you feel.

Speaking of Luck (I like the number 7, that’s why we are having a “Lucky Number 7” this month) do you have something, a piece of clothing, a ritual, a talisman that you use to bring you luck?  I loved to hear.

Okay, let’s get back to singing:

Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revalation
And the mind’s true liberation

Peace & Love & Happy Birthday!


8 thoughts on “Let the Sun Shine, Let the Sun Shine in…

  1. Thanks, Jody! Glad to hear your weights were amazing. I loved your post today about popsicles and heatwaves and I still have Martha and the Vandellas singing in my head!

  2. Jimmy is going to be so proud of me today. After I dropped him off at TJs this morning at 6am (for those of you who know us you will be surprised that we were up that early), then I came home, got ready, and went running. I said to myself, “Self, you complained yesterday about sitting all day (I sat in front of a computer about 14 hours yesterday, between work and InPerspire work) so do something about it. And I did! A 5k walk/run, some jacks, jump rope, push-ups, tree pose (I am really working on getting my balance back), Rom. single-leg deadlifts, and stretching. Yay for me! Now, off to work.

  3. Went to TJ’s today for 7.5 hours, and when I got home I had to move because we had some great orders and my goal is order today ship today, and that is what we did. No running today, but from 6:00am until 5:30pm, I only sat down for 20 minutes, the ride home in the car.
    I hope all of you had a great day.

  4. Happy Anniversary!!
    That is awesome!!
    I’ve used Inperspire towels the last 3 times I’ve done my weights/resistance training! 🙂 They are like mini cheerleaders as I do my planks and pull-downs!

    Sore from my resistance training yesterday…in a good way. 🙂

    Looking forward to doing weights/resistance training again tomorrow. Rest day for me today…still eating healthy…nearly finished my butterfly sculpture today!! It will be finished by tomorrow!

    Signed up on a great website tonight…Plus 3 Network where hours logged exercising goes to charity. It’s free!

    Also, love the website! Thanks for the instructions on navigating through the site, Karma!

    • Mary – I can’t wait to see your Nike Mini! I bet she is so cute. I will check out Plus 3 Network. I have never heard of it. Exercising for charity – what could be better!

      Thanks for the Happy Anniversary wishes and I am glad your towels are like your cheerleaders. Here is another cheerleader for you – me – but I am not quite as easy to take to the gym and I don’t dry off your equipment like one of our towels :).

  5. Happy Anniversary. You guys are amazing for just a year! Wow!

    A sleepless night (child-related) made it easy for me to roll over this morning rather than workout. I coached soccer tonight (awesome game) which meant nothing happened at that end either.

    However, I have been busy on the computer, trying to network and build my blog following. It’s a slow process.

    • Cynthia, I hope you get some rest tonite.

      Today must have been meant to be a rest day for you :).

      I totally understand the hard work you are putting into your blog and networking. Keep going and don’t give up.

      I went to Weight in Vain and voted for Entry #4 :); such a meaningful reason to run. Jimmy is asleep, sitting next to me on the couch, while I am finishing my blogwork for the day, but I will be sure that he reads and votes tomorrow and we will get the word out.

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