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Hitchcock Could Have Used This Information

Been to any good movies lately?  Have you seen Alfred Hitchcock’s 1942 thriller “Saboteur“?  What?  You haven’t seen it?  Well, neither have I, but that’s okay because this post isn’t about going to the movies, nor is it a review of this classic spy thriller (in case you’re interested, you can watch the film trailer here.  It’s dramatic and overplayed and just plain crazy).

The saboteur I want to talk about today is more insidious.  It is lurky and smirky and seems innocent enough, but it will sneak up on you and before you know it…you’ve gained a few pounds. 

Today’s post is about those little choices we make, for example,  getting a grande latte with 2% milk after the gym, and then a grande mocha frappuccino in the late afternoon, as a pick-me-up, that can add as many as 470 calories to your daily calorie intake.  Yowza!

Many of you are probably aware of the hidden calories that lurk in your Starbuck’s drinks, or in those healthy sounding Smoothies that have as many as 650 calories in them (that’s more than a Big Mac), but we need to be on the lookout for other, less obvious saboteurs that may keep us from reaching our ideal weight and fitness level. 

ACE (American Council on Exercise) has written a great article, “Don’t Sabotage Your Workout Routine: 5 Pitfalls”, that addresses the saboteurs in our lives.

The article touches on five important themes: The Little, Not So Little Snack, Workout Calorie Counter, Sports Energy Drinks, Starving is Never the Answer, and After Burn.  It is a very smart article with lots of good information.  Here is an excerpt:

Think now that you’ve exercised, you’ve burned enough calories to reward yourself with a little guilty free pleasure?

You may be surprised to hear that consuming even seemingly healthy treats like a fruit shake, a sports bar, or an energy drink following your workout can put more calories into your body than you have just burned sweating in the gym.

The Little, Not-so-Little Snack.  Consider this: To burn off a 200-calorie Balance Bar, for instance, would require a 150-pound woman to jog on a treadmill at a leisurely pace, or 6 miles per hour, for 16-17 minutes.

Surely, a 45-minute morning walk would burn enough calories for someone of that body weight to enjoy a hearty breakfast, right?

Well, it would suffice to burn off a 160-calorie Starbucks Grande Skinny Flavored Latte and nothing more. Even walking at a brisk pace would take 33 minutes to burn off this nonfat, sugarless Starbucks treat.

It could be worse. To enjoy a 610-calorie White Chocolate Crème Frappuccino would take a woman of that size to walk for nearly 126 minutes. Add a 460-calorie Starbucks blueberry scone or a 350-calorie Apple Bran Muffin to the diet and she’d have to train like a professional athlete to burn off breakfast. And that’s just the beginning of her day.

You can read the entire article here “Don’t Sabotage Your Workout Routine: 5 Pitfalls”

Be strong and keep those saboteurs at bay.


14 thoughts on “Hitchcock Could Have Used This Information

  1. Whoa that is intense! I always have this problem with soda. I do not drink it so much but sometimes I need bubbles and in my head I have the great diet or regular struggle. If I have regular, I get all of those empty calories but if I drink diet somebody has polluted my head and now I always think that the fake sugar is building up in my body and that it makes your eyesite worse, now I do not know if all of that is true…….I take my chances though with diet.

    I haven’t been to the gym or a walk in sooo long. I cannot even remember. I’m so behind and tired, but I think this article is swell and exaclty what I am trying to do. With meals I’ve been making pretty good decisions compared to my normal ones. The one I am most proud of is dinner the other day, good golly, I really wanted a Georgia Peach Martini with dinner but I said no……no need for those extra calories. And I haven’t eaten past seven all week and I am getting tons of water. I put lime in it to diffuse the yuck taste it sometimes has.

    Way to go everybody for getting out in the heat and sweating anyways!!!!You guys are always in my head when I am having my healthy debates in my head:)

    • No worries, Smith, I just magically removed the second post :).

      You know what? It sounds like you are making lots and lots of healthy choices each day – like skipping the Georgia Peach Martini with dinner 🙂 – and the soda thing can really add up – and like you said there is the debate between diet and regular (personally, I prefer regular because I think at least I am getting real calories from real sugar), but I think it all boils down to moderation in everything.

      Many, many, many years ago I gave up soda because I didn’t want the extra calories. It was hard, but I don’t miss it anymore. You could try the Sassy Water recipe to spice up your water or you can buy the SoBe flavored waters (0 calories because they have Stevia), which are super good, but because I don’t like fake sugars, if I want to have something sweet, I just use about 1/4 bottle of the flavored water with real water.

      Anyway, I am glad we are with you when you are having your debates. Keep it up, sister.

  2. Perfect post..hmmmpotato chips and dip( I love them). I try not to have this kind of food in the house so I am not a victim. Love, love love the post !! Happy Anniversary to us!!!

  3. I just posted about this sneaking up stuff & people have to start recognizing it OR maybe accepting what they are doing. PLus, all those little bites of this or that during the day.. YES, you have to count them too! 🙂

    OK, good finish to the gym workouts for the week & now for much needed rest days!!! Did legs/back & feeling it… yes, did cardio too!

    • Jody – You and I are on the same page! At one time I think I used to have so many little bites of cheese throughout the day that I was actually eating about 4-5 slices.

  4. Great post, and those extra pounds can sneak up on you, but with hard work and less trips to Seattle, where the chips are, you get those pounds right off of your body.
    With that said I am off for a run, we had rain yesterday in St. Louis, so you would think that it would be a bit cooler today, but you would be wrong. I am starting to sweat just thinking about going outside.

  5. yes me and Pheobe finally got a walk in….!!!! soooo hot…..and i felt bad halfway through because i realized the asphalt had to be so hot on her footsies……but she loved it none the less

  6. OK—Karma, you are right it only takes a few minutes to post. ha
    Had problems with my foot for a week now, so I haven’t been able to walk as much. If I put something under my toes it doesn’t hurt as much. Oh well I will get better. Just hope I don’t put on a ton of weight not walking.

    Sure enjoyed having Dana’s– Alyx here with us for a week. Wish all the kids lived closer.

    Also I loved the posts for the last few days. Keep it up everyone. M,

  7. Great post, Karma!

    Thanks for being such a wonderful cheerleader for all of us! 🙂

    Got in my hour of resistance/weight training today! And finished my butterfly sculpture! Woo-hoo!! It was a good day!

  8. Funny, I was speaking with a friend about this today. She’s trying to shed a few pounds and, like I do with many of my friends, I suggested taking one vice out of her diet – just one. Then, I explained how we think exercise means we can eat more but really it just changes what we need to eat (but that can go hand in hand with the need to eat more). Suddenly, things made sense to her.

    Thanks so much for your comment about the contest. A lot of people are having trouble voting; there doesn’t seem to be a lot I can to about it but wait and see.

    Got out this morning for 8 miles. It’s cooler – but still hot. You know it’s hot when you’re sweating and you haven’t even started your run yet:)

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