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It’s All In Your Perspective

This Worm Has a Good Attitude and is Happy with what he has.

I don’t know, I just liked this. 

Have a Sassy Saturday!


13 thoughts on “It’s All In Your Perspective

  1. What a great post! Simple but profound!
    Love these nature-inspired posts!

    Another hour of resistance/weights today.

    Maybe Zumba tomorrow? 🙂 Anyone know if Stacy will be back teaching?

    Happy Saturday!!

    • I don’t think she will be back teaching tomorrow, but I am leaning towards Zumba (we are deciding between Zumba and bike riding again, so it’s up in the air).

      You must be getting so strong with all your resistance and weight training. If there are any exercises you particularly love, let us know.

  2. Can’t imagine you loving dirt Darla.. She received an award at a Camp when she was younger for the dirtest girl in camp. Loved to get dirty then and guess what she specialize in ARCHEOLOGY. Talk about KARMA!!! Love it.

    Did not walk again today because of foot, but I did get some windows cleaned and yard work. Hopefully I will be able to get back walking soon. Have a nice day all M.

    • And this is why it is dangerous having your mom on your blog :). Kidding. I love your comments even if you give away secrets. I hope your foot gets better. I feel bad about it :(.

  3. Good day in St. Louis, had a good workout today, went for a run/walk and did some boot camp, now I need to do some Inperspire work, because I left work early yesterday to go bike riding.

  4. If anyone missed Mary’s butterfly quote on yesterday’s comments, be sure to check it out. It is just plain beautiful.

    Went for a walk/run. Hill work again. Boot camp. I was kind of crabby because we have too much to do, but now I am feeling better.

  5. Definitely – it’s all about attitude, even when it comes to worms and dirt.

    Rest day. Long run tomorrow. Cross your fingers for dry weather.

  6. Hey put peas and carrots on my foot Insperspire, and it helped for about an hour. Will try again later. Thanks. Me

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