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Cake in a Mug/Sunday’s Meatless Monday Recipe: Love At First Bite

Today, being Sunday, is the day we post a Meatless Monday recipe.  Today is no different, except that I saw this very fun recipe for Cake in a Mug over at Leashieloo’s blog, All Kinds of Hungry

For those of you who don’t know, I LOVE CAKE.  I love it, I love it, I love it.  I have been known to tell people that if I had only one meal left on earth, I would choose chocolate cake with homemade chocolate icing and a glass of milk.  So when I read that you can make cake in a mug, it just seemed to be about the best thing this world could offer, so I am reblogging Leashieloos’ post.  Note that if you want a healthier version of the Cake in a Mug recipe, go to Daisy’s Place (as linked on Leashieloo’s post) and scroll through the comments to find the healthier version. 

Recipe: Cake in a Mug

Recipe: Cake in a Mug Yeahhh boy! I mugged a cake tonight. Mugged it good. I’m all about portion control, so what’s better than baking an entire cake? That’s right, mugging one. I’ve been seeing a lot of recipes here ‘n there and decided to have a go at it. I adapted my version from Daisy’s Place. The original recipe is meant to serve two, so I halved it. I also didn’t have coffee onhand which sucked, if you have some definitely add a splash! You will need the followi … Read More

via All Kinds of Hungry

Now I can’t just leave you with a recipe for Cake in a Mug for your Meatless Monday meal, so I am also giving you the secret to making quick, but awesome veggie burgers.  I think that making veggie burgers might be a bit of a leap for some, so why don’t you just try making one for yourself for lunch as a low risk way of trying something different. 

Awesome Veggie Burgers

The trick to making a great veggie burger is to start with the right kind of veggie burger.  We have tried them all, but the very best veggie burgers are made by Morningstar Farms, but more than that, you have to get Morningstar Original Grillers.  You can microwave or grill these veggie burgers with great results.

In the Microwave 
Place one griller on a folded paper towel (you can also use a microwaveable plate) in the microwave for 60 seconds.  Turn griller over, put a slice of cheese on top, and cook for another 28 seconds (if you don’t want cheese just do the same sans the frommage).  We use Sara Lee wheat buns, which are only 80 calories.  Lately we have been putting Thai Chili Mayonnaise (just a bit) on our buns with ketchup, but of course the condiments are up to you.  I often put a tomato slice on mine.

Lightly spray each side of griller with Pam Non-Stick Cooking Spray.  Put on the grill for 3 minutes per side (if you want cheese, put it on the griller when there is one minute remaining).  Add lettuce, tomatoes, avocado slices, green chiles, or whatever floats your boat.  You really can’t go wrong, but remember, the key is: Morningstar Original Grillers (not Grillers Prime).

One of the things that makes these veggie burgers so awesome is that they give you great taste without meat, but they are also great because each patty is only 130 calories, has 27 grams of protein, and 57% less fat that regular ground beef.

You don’t want to miss next Sunday’s Meatless Monday recipe…we feature Charm City Corn (you will never go back to your old ways of cooking corn again after trying this recipe).

Work out, Feel great, and Be great!

P.S.  Look at this great picture of what Morningstar calls it’s “Totally Vegged-Out Burger”.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I definitely will do so this week.  If you click on the image you will be taken to the recipe.


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  1. This is a great weekend. Today we are headed to the park to play some tennis. This has been a well rounded week of exercise, weights, running, biking, boot camp, and now tennis. I will report back on how the tennis goes, maybe I will come up with a good saying for a tennis towel.
    Have a great Sunday.

  2. Relatives in town so not much in the way of exercising for us..which is stupid. The veggie burgers are delicious even though I eat meat, I do love the occasional veggie burger.

  3. Lots of great stuff in tis post! YUM!

    Had a wonderful outside run this morn & trying out my new Costco orthotics for my very bad feet. Seemed fine so far. Now for the gym workouts! 🙂

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