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Every Little Bit Helps

Here it is Meatless Monday.  I hope everyone will enjoy a meat free day today, or at least one day this week, in our never ending quest for a healthier planet and a healthier you.  Let me know if you try the Totally Vegged-Out Burger that was a part of Sunday’s Meatless Monday post, because, although Jimmy and I were planning on trying it today, we got waylaid by a much needed wedding research trip (not for us, for our son and his bride-to-be).  Although we were supposed to be researching hotels for our guests, and we did do some of that, our research tactics also included trying out a pub along the way, and eating a bit here and there, all in the name of wedding research mind you, and it ifinally ended with an excursion to Ted Drewes, which is a St. Louis institution.  Ted Drewes serves frozen custards that are to die for…I got the “Cardinal Sin” (vanilla custard smothered in chocolate fudge sauce and tart cherries), Jimmy got the “Dottie” (chocolate mint custard with macadamia nuts).  Anyway, we weren’t hungry when we got home – what a surprise!

So today, being a day that we try to make the world better, I thought we would pass on this totally awesome product we found. 

In our continuing efforts to be greener, Jimmy knew he had to stop buying to-go-cups for his tea and my ice coffee.  We found reusable ceramic to-go-cups at World Market, which we were nice, however, they were very heavy, they were very hot to the touch, and I did not like the rubbery lid.  We made due with the WM cups until we found…

Copco Eco-First To-Go Cups

Their tagline: “Fill, Drink, Wash, Repeat”. 

These t0-go containers are awesome.  They are light, the lid screws on so there is no danger of it coming off and ruining your clothes, or you, with your hot beverage.

  • Double-wall plastic construction for enhanced insulation
  • Quarter-turn lid sealing mechanism
  • BPA free
  • 16 oz. capacity
  • You can buy these cups at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Target, or Amazon (and a large number of other places, check out the link on the Copco site) for only $7.99.  What an inexpensive way to help the planet.  I smile everytime we use them :).

    Have a Healthy and Happy Meatless Monday!  Go Green!


    7 thoughts on “Every Little Bit Helps

    1. Those cups do look interesting. I will also check them out with our next trip to Bed and Bath.

      Went on a slow walk around the park this morning with my friend. My foot is still giving me problems, but it is a little better.

      Today is Max’s (Dana and Greg’s son) birthday. So a big Happy Birthday to him.

      Hope everyone has a good day. M.

    2. The cups are fantastic, I am drinking out of one now. Yesterday was a great day, maybe not the most healthy eating, but we did do much walking and sweating.
      Today is a busy day, but we did manage a run and at the end push-ups and crunches.
      Have a great Monday.

    3. Rest days today and yesterday.

      Tomorrow morning I meet with my trainer for new weight/resistance exercises! Feeling stronger and better everyday!

      Went meatless today! 🙂

      Yesterday went to a wonderful art exhibit entitled Urban Wanderers at Saint Louis University. The very first sculpture features the Maya Angelou butterfly quote!

      Hope everyone’s off to a great week!

      • Mary – I totally want to see that exhibit! I saw one of the pieces on the news last week, but didn’t know where it was being exhibited. Thanks for letting me know.

    4. Your page looks great – and so do the cups. We reuse our cups for water and milk with the boys all the time; they love travel cups and Stainless Steel water bottles. Daddy is coming around with the better planet – one month at a time, it seems!

      Today ended up being a forced rest. Weather didn’t cooperate with my schedule. Tomorrow….

      • Glad you like the new Theme, it’s got some quirks that I am not sure I like, but for now it will due.

        Just think, with all of us going meatless and getting rid of paper and plastic water bottles we are certainly going to change things :).

        I guess you are having the same weather we are! Yuk and Yikes!

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