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What’s Needed Today Is A Little Jocularity

I was saving this for Saturday, but the events of last night prompted me to use this blogging gem of a comic today.  It just made me laugh and I am sure some of you will see yourself/your kids/your grandkids in it :).

So what happened to cause such an uproar that I needed to switch posts because humor was the only thing that was going to get me through the night (and that reminds me of the John Lennon song “Whatever gets you through the night, it’s all right, it’s all right”)?  Bloggers, take a deep breath, because this story is your worst nightmare.

I came home from work and began working on InPerspire’s second birthday email (yes, it’s the second set of Lucky Number 7 towels on special for $8).  It was taking me a little longer that I had planned, and I was fretting about the time because I still had my post to do and I needed to pick Jimmy up at 11 pm, but everything was okay until I went to our blog to search for a link.  

What I saw there sent chills down my spine…my blog looked different, a different format, a different look, in fact, nothing looked like it did when I left it that morning.  The entire theme had changed and some widgets were missing.  After my initial panic, and a lot of swearing, I checked the WordPress forums and sure enough other bloggers were having the same problem so that made me feel a little better, because, after all, misery does love company.  It turns out that WordPress pulled the Cutline Theme many of us were using and replaced it with another one.  I am still shaking my head about why anyone would pull a theme without giving a warning?  Don’t they know who they are dealing with?  We’re bloggers — we’re not that stable — because who, other than someone who is slightly mad, would commit to writing a post every day of the year?  It’s sheer lunacy :).

Of course, this is all a bit tongue-in-cheek (kind of), and where did that saying “tongue-in-cheek” come from anyway?  Maybe I can write a post about it later this week…

Until I figure out which theme will work best for us, I will use this pretty little gem called Koi.

Roll with the changes today!


12 thoughts on “What’s Needed Today Is A Little Jocularity

  1. HOLY CRAP! Poo on WordPress for doing that. As I say.. WTF but will not write it out. Bad WordPress!!! I had to look to see where to add my comment!

    On the good side, LOVED the cartoon. Too funny!

    Good workout & even survived the cardio! 😉 Weights, as always, great!

    • I knew you would understand, Jody. I haven’t looked at the forums today, but I am sure they are still getting an ear full.

      I add some weights to my running and boot camp routine yesterday. Slowly but surely :).

  2. I cannot workout today 😦 I stayed up until after 2 am fixing the blog and our email newsletter and I am just a wee bit tired. I will count it as one of my two days off. Anyway, off to work. Let’s see what the day will bring.

  3. I would like to welcome a new Gold Star Member today! Welcome Skipper :). Skipper is Cynthia’s son and we hear he is a star athlete or at the very least one in the making. Skipper let me know how many stars you have already earned this month and let’s watch your stars grow. ~Karma

    • This is Skipper! Thanks for adding my name. This month’s workouts are:
      Sunday – 13 mile bike ride with Mom.
      Monday – 3 mile bike ride with Dad.
      Tuesday – 4 mile bike ride with Mom.
      Wednesday – Soccer
      Thursday – “nothing”
      Friday – swim
      Saturday – walk with Dad and LI and Dog ( 4-5 kilometres)
      Sunday – 10K bike ride with Mom and LI
      Monday – swim
      Tuesday (today) – swim


      • Hi Skipper! Iooks likeyou are going to need your own blogging ID and gravatar, but I think you better check with mom on that one. I am at work now, but will get all your stars on the chart by this evening.

        Your bike riding mileage, along with Soccer and Swimming are very impressive. You will certainly be an inspiration to many of us who are trying to “up” our game. I am glad I have a friend who also likes getting gold stars. ~Karma

  4. That cartoon is really funny and so true. You know, if you wait long enough you can always pay your kids back in one way or another. I love to tell secrets on this blog.
    Wasn’t able to walk this morning, but will try to go tonight. What a surprise you had with word-press. I thought you had done it all. Hope your day is going better then last night. See ya. M.

  5. I love the cartoon. We have had discussions like this at home. “No, Mom, you can’t write that!” In our case, he has to face kids and teachers (my colleagues) so Skipper is very quick to comment on editing that needs to be done.

    I’m either running later today or doing a track workout. I’m hoping for the latter but that will depend on Little Ironman’s mood and whether he’ll sit and watch or not.

  6. You saw why Darla can not workout today, I am in the same boat. Went to bed late, got up early, have a ton of work to do, a house that is falling apart, and I had a bit of a melt down today, now I am off to TJ’s for 8 hours, like I have time for that.

  7. Got my new weight/resistance workout this morning from my trainer. It was brutal in a good way! 🙂 To give you some idea, it included 108 consecutive push-ups, of which I got through 72. But I’m determined to do all 108 Thursday. I start with 12 push-ups with my toes or shins on a BOSU ball, then 12 on a mat, then 12 against a bar; repeat two more times. This is the last of a set of 5 exercises.

    Karma, glad you’ll be seeing the Urban Wanderers show…think you’ll like it!

  8. I am in the same boat as Darla and Jimmy but I did manage to get a 40 minute walk in today which is huge considering all the extra stress and confussion with Inperspire..oh and family leaving for the airport at 415 AM (yes, AM). Things are looking a bit better today.

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