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Happy Birthday, Jimmy!

Whoohoo, Yahoo, Huzzah, and Yay!!!!  They say it’s your birthday – nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah – We’re gonna have a good time!

The funny thing about Jimmy is that he never changes.  Even though this picture is kind of fuzzy you can clearly see Jimmy’s happy-go-lucky spirit, even at this young age, and you know what, he hasn’t changed a bit. 

Jimmy is known by all manner of names that reflect his youthful, fun, devil-may-care attitude, such as, Spicoli, Spin, Jimmy Jam, Jimmy Burrito (my dad gave him that name and we don’t exactly know why), Jimmy Bud (my dad gave him that one too), and The Dude, to name just a few.  Jimmy keeps all of us young with his positive outlook, his shenanigans, and his hi-jinx, and I am lucky to be “his lady”, as he calls me.  (You don’t know how much that hurts me having to say I’m “his lady”, but he will think it is funny, and it is his birthday.) 

So, Jimmy, happy birthday and here’s to many more years of living out loud. 

“We goes together like peas and carrots.” ~Forrest Gump


Here’s a picture of Jimmy now, I think you can see that little has changed:

Notice the blue tape on our living room floor – that’s for our boot camp side-to-side laterals!


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  1. Happy bday Jimmy! Love the pic & the cat watching! Too cute!

    Finished the gym week off great! Cardio went good & the weights – legs, butt & back.. all good. Of course the abs/core/stretching are in there always!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO “R” JIMMY BURRITO. He is such a great Son-in-law–Husband and Father. Everyone loves JIMMY.

    I made it around the whole park today, but very slow going. Hopefully it’s just the beginning of getting my foot better.

    Everyone celebrate Jimmy by having tea this morning. He loves his tea!!! Momb

  3. All of you are so nice to wish me a happy birthday, I love to celebrate my birthday, this year we are leaving the St. Louis heat, on Friday and headed back home to Venice Beach CA for a few days. I am off to start the celebration.

  4. Jimmy Burrito – cute! Happy birthday to you! Enjoy your time in Venice Beach.

    Cycled 14 miles last night, ran 8 this morning. The run today was awesome – just what I needed.

    Skipper swam 30 minutes yesterday and walked a few kilometres (one with me, a few more later with Dad).

    It’s time to eat!

  5. Happy B-Day Jimmy! We’re gearing up for the big celebration, an are ripe for bloody marys’ this morn. What a way to start out a birthday

  6. Jimmy,

    I just watched a home video of you and my dad, he called you Jimmy Burrito, way way way back, not to age you, but way way back!! I love it!! Jimmy is our brother-in-law, business partner and most of all one of our best friends. We love you and hope you have an awesome Birthday!!!! We wish we could be with you to celebrate. Happy Birthday from all of us 🙂 🙂 🙂

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