Guess Where We Are?

Hey All – I am posting from my phone, but Jimmy is just now getting us internet access so we will post throughout the day. We were really tired when we arrived in Cali yesterday (we stayed up until 1:30 am with Robbie and Tricia, celebrating Mr. Jimmy’s birthday (btw: Robbie said that two other names for Jimmy are, Jimbo and Jimbreezey), and then we got up at 3:30 to get ready to go to the airport.

Anyway, we arrived in balmy L.A. and are having a blast. We walked about 7 miles up and down the boardwalk yesterday and along the beach. Will post more pics later.

Have a fabulous Saturday!

P.S. This may post twice because my phone didn’t send the original, but I have feeling it will eventually arrive.


6 thoughts on “Guess Where We Are?

  1. Yes Jody we do have a ton of people watching, we are staying in Santa Monica, and walking all over the place. We just got back from a nice run and boot camp, now it is time to clean up and have lunch. All of you have a great day.

  2. Hey :), Yes, we are in your neck of the woods Jody and we are lovin’ it. We have seen some real characters and the one guy on the skates with the guitar and the turban, who we saw over 15 years ago, is still here, still skating, and still smiling. Went for a run/walk along th boardwalk and then some boot camp.

    Cynthia – Tell Skipper I will get all the stars updated as soon as I get home :).

    • No worries, we’re behind in telling you where we are at too. We’ll recap tomorrow night – make it easier for everyone.
      Enjoy your break!

  3. I wish you guys were here!! Greg and I went to the gym today. Greg found out he has a torn ligiment in his heel, so it was a shot of cortizone and a lot of pain for him. We are off to the Seahwaks pre-season game in just a couple of hours.

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