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A Day At The Beach

We cannot begin to tell to you how good our visit to Venice has been for us.  It helped us remember who we are…and…it is so much cooler here than St. Louis that it has been a nice break.

One thing we had forgotten is how good the food is in California.  OMG, it’s the best food we have had in years.   Walking along the beach, listening to the ocean, and feeling the sand on our feet has done wonders for us.  Also, being around people who are like us is nice :).

Of course, we are in Venice, and it is crazy here, so here are some pics that can tell the story better than I.

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Of course, we have a lot more pictures, but we think this will suffice to give an idea of what we have been doing :).

Have a Sunny Sunday!


6 thoughts on “A Day At The Beach

  1. Yup, we are having a much cooler summer than we normally do & it has been great! Although the beach people have not been as happy as many days it stayed in the 60’s & overcast there.

    I told you great people watching!!! Did you see the bodybuilder area?

    Great jog this morn.. abs/core first!


    • Hey Jody,
      we saw them, and we also saw all of the boot camp people at Santa Monica, they are all in great shape.

  2. Today has been a day of just go with it, and we did just go with it. We woke up with every plan of going back to St. Louis, but as most of you know Iwe fly for free, so no seats, no flight, and today was a day of no seats. After spending two hours trying to find a way out of LAX, we gave in booked a room at the Cadilac hotel in Venice walked 1.5 miles from Santa Monica to venice, and hit the beach, turned out to be a great day.

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