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No plane on Sunday Maybe one come Monday. -Jimmy Buffett

We had our plan all in place, we would get up early, go for a run along the beach, have a couple of egg burritos, and head to LAX for our flight home.  Here’s what actually happen, we got up early, started looking for flights home (we fly standby so there is a lot of guessing when flying), and after two hours we gave up.  Since there was no plane on Sunday maybe one come Monday we packed our bags and rolled our suitcases 1.5 miles down the beach, and checked into the Cadillac Hotel. 

The hotel is old and classy, much like an old Cadillac that you may see, it looks good, but it may be missing a tire or two.  We dropped our stuff off in the room and headed to the beach, because you need to make the best of a bad situation – that’s all you can really do – and we enjoyed the sun and the surf while watching the Brown Pelicans diving for fish.

Hopefully the flights will be open today and we will head back to St. Louis, but if not, this is not a bad place to be stranded.  ~Jimmy


4 thoughts on “No plane on Sunday Maybe one come Monday. -Jimmy Buffett

  1. My post came on a bit late, I put in the wrong date. We are leaving for the airport in about one hour, I wish we could stay, I feel like we are home. We did a ton of walking in the last 3 days, and even went for a run on one of them.
    Have a great Monday, we will either be home at 6:00pm or 10:00pm the joys of flying standby.

  2. Jimmy always has a Jimmy Buffett song lyric to fit every situation – and they usually end up making the situation seems a little brighter. Our walking and walking and walking has helped keep our weight in line and I had forgotten how hard it was to walk for long distances in the deep sand :). I hope everyone’s Meatless Monday is fantastic. Surf’s Up! Karma

  3. You had such a great time at the beach with the R and R and walking. You probably worked some leg muscles that you forgot about too in the sand:) Then, again, perhaps not you two!

    Updates: Friday me – 5 mile run; Skipper – 60 minute swim
    Saturday – me – bike 50 minutes, long walk; Skipper – long walk
    Sunday – 13.5 mile run for me (and bike ride for Skipper)
    Today – 5 mile run for me, 60 minute swim for Skipper (and likely the bike ride too).

    And, my core is aching from the extra work I’ve been doing on it.

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