We’re back…

to the grind :).  We were successful in getting back to St. Louis via a very booked standby flight yesterday. 

Off to work this morning, but we will be back in form for tomorrow’s post. 

Have a tenacious Tuesday!  ~Karma 
P.S.  It is absolutely beautiful weather in St. Louis right now, so while it is not like being on the beach, it’s still nice.


6 thoughts on “We’re back…

  1. So glad that you guys are back home. Are those grinds for ICE Coffee?

    Brindy is in town for a week. (granddaughter) We will more than likely go shopping and maybe to Silver Fork for lunch either today or tomorrow.

    My foot still bothers me. Haven’t heard from the Dr. yet so maybe it’s all in my mind. I did walk today but not very fast. All have a great Tuesday. Welcome home Darla and Jimmy. Momb

  2. We are back, time to get to work, I love doing my Inperspire work, but I am not that excited about doing my TJ’s work in a few hours.
    So we walked a ton in California, we did not rent a car, so if we wanted to get some place we had to walk, our feet made it without any trouble, but when I walked in our house I cut my foot, that is just crazy.
    Much work to do, have a great day.

  3. Sounds like you had an amazing time. And, welcome to cooler temperatures. We have them here too.

    We got out for a run this morning, but it was a sucky run; I could only had 4 miles – tired, tired, tired. Skipper had to keep stopping for me.

    He swam again today for an hour (finally has his elementary back stroke mastered:) and I rode for 45 minutes tonight. Feeling much better.

    Between the two of us, we got a triathalon in:)

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