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Climb Every Mountain

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.” 
~Sir Edmund Hillary

I need this quote today.  Climb every mountain, strive for your personal best and believe in your ability to reach the top.

Go for it!


12 thoughts on “Climb Every Mountain

  1. Love, love that picture and quote!

    I’m racing tomorrow and Saturday morning. I did plan to run today but I just don’t have the drive to get out right now. I think my brain is trying to tell to rest; I just might.

    • Good luck Cynthia..we are all with you. Yes, your body is telling you to rest ..listen..or this is the time we end up getting injured.

  2. Walking with my daughter today. Stressful week/month/year so I am glad just to get a nice walk in.I hope to get back to training tomorrow.

  3. We are back in St. Louis, and back to work. Today we went out for our run/walk and did push-ups and crunches. I have been running around like crazy today trying to get things done. I feel like I did not get anything done but make myself tired.

  4. I needed to read these comments – my head – is spinning from too much work and not enough thinking about fitness – and I always find them comforting.

    I am scrambling right now to get ready for class, my syllabus isn’t ready (yikes!), and there are a million student requests and things to do, AND, I am taking two classes this semester: Teaching Reading in Elementary Schools and Sociology of Education (I am trying to get as many of the foundational classes towards the MAEd done as possible). I am scared, about over committing myself, and above all I need to be sure that my fitness routine does not take a hit. This is foremost in my mind.

    Today we walked/ran and did some boot camp. I need to continue to work on my arms so I can get good ones like you Jody :). I have to look for a dress for our son’s wedding and I don’t want flabby arms holding me back!

    • I’m a Literacy Specialist in my K to 8 school. If you need any help with your course, even if it is just to bounce off ideas, let me know. I love literacy.

      • I love it too! I certainly will take you up on your offer, Cynthia. I can’t wait to see what the class is about and I will report as I go through the semester. I would love to hear any ideas you have and I can’t wait to talk with you about it. By the way, I came across this website, Two Writing Teachers, the other day and I think you may enjoy it; you may already know about it, but just in case…

  5. Great picture and quote!

    I hear you, Karma, on the busy-ness of back-to-school. Freshman orientation was today for me. Then delivering my butterfly sculpture tomorrow morning. Then the first day of classes Friday…These posts and comments help me to not put fitness on the back-burner. 🙂

    If it helps…Stacey is back teaching Zumba! Went to her class tonight! So many new songs and dance steps, so little time! We’re even dancing to the Pink Panther song! Just her being back is going to help me remain committed to going to her classes. Walked the dog after Zumba.

    This is the time of year when I have to remind myself to do one thing at a time, make lots of lists, and keep myself and my health a priority. You can do it, Karma!!! 🙂

    • Mary! I just needed to hear everything you said. You are 100% right, one thing at a time, and fitness stays a priority.

      I can’t wait to see your butterfly sculpture! Will you tell us where it is? Jimmy and I also still have to get to the Urban Wanderers exhibit.

      Freshman orientation already – goodness – ours is next week and our classes don’t start until Aug 31. Where do you teach? Do you teach art? I know you mentioned a little bit about teaching before, but I wasn’t sure if I should ask too many questions :).

      Now about Zumba…that is just great news about Stacey! I will be there on Sunday. Just thinking about Zumba on Sunday is renewing my spirits!

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