Boot Camp

It’s Boot Camp Baby!

This week’s boot camp workout is brought to you by Mr. Jimmy, with a little help from me :). 

It’s the end of summer and some of you may be feeling a bit like this


But we want you to feel like this: 


We think this week’s boot camp will perk you up in no time.  It’s simple and straightforward. 

End of Summer Boot Camp Workout

Each day, for 7 days, beginning on Saturday, do the following : 

 25 seal jacks
25 jump ropes followed immediately by 25 jumping jacks
75 crunches/sit ups of your choice
25 push ups
25 squats

P.S.  Because there’s almost always a post script :)…I am trying out a new way to add dimension to our posts using Zemanta, which suggests links that may be of further interest.  Here is one about love handles that I thought was very helpful. 


12 thoughts on “It’s Boot Camp Baby!

  1. Oh how I have missed the fabulous bootcamp! I really need to get back into the workout groove. The wedding + mini honeymoon made me gain almost five pounds. Indulging here and there was NOT worth it. So now I am back to the basics and hoping for the best.

    xo enjoy your weekend!

    • Congratulations, Erica! I just told Jimmy last night that you must now be married and honeymooning :). I am so glad you posted some wedding pics! You look gorgeous and your flowers and colors are fantastic. Now don’t you worry one bit about those few extra pounds, I am certain they are mostly water weight and will be off in no time. Here’s to drinking lots of water and sweating! X’s and O’s to you too!

  2. Boot camp is great. I won’t be doing the whole thing, though; I have too much on the line over the next two weeks.

    Race was great last night. 5th female and 2nd age group (40-49). I ran a 25:40 6K; a lot of people can’t believe someone in my age group was faster ( My claim is she looked just 40 whereas I do not!).

    Easy biking tonight and a walk this afternoon. 10K race tomorrow morning.

    Skipper – a hour today.

    Enjoy the day.

    • Cynthia – What a great race/race time and showing for the 40 age group, and any age group. A 6k in 25:40 is so impressive. You must feel very proud (I know I would).

      Here’s to a great race tomorrow morning! Go for it, Sister!

      Skipper – You are working out more than any of us. Gold Stars get updated tomorrow morning – you are on a roll for August! Keep it up :).

    • I hear you — the eating is key and if only those we love could see it. Jody, I am working everyday on my arms trying to get “Jody Arms” :). I am glad you have a rest day today. Enjoy it.

  3. I am stuck in my house waiting for the UPS person to deliver my tickets for the Seahawks game tomorrow. I am going to start boot camp today since I am trapped here. The person sending the tickets (from E-bay) asked for a signature..grrrrrr but I get it.

  4. We went for a hot and humid run today, and did some crunches. I am so busy that I have not stopped running all day, I wish this was last Friday when I was on the beach drinking wine, that was a much better day. I did not water the plants because I thought it was going to storm, no storm time to water.

  5. Yes, we went out and ran/walked in some rather sticky and gross weather (which has been surpassed by this evening’s weather). Still, I feel lucky to get outside (the hot is so much better for me than the cold bc with the cold I won’t even go outside). We have been running more and more, then 200 jump ropes (with rope), crunches and push ups against our counter. I am ready to take on the boot camp challenge tomorrow. We are going to try to do the sequence of exercises in rapid (as rapid as we can) succession to get the most out of it.

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