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Where’s the Beet?

Illustration by Sam Kerr for Time

Today’s Meatless Monday post comes via Joanna Lee, Project Associate for the Monday Campaigns.  Thanks, Joanna!

“Where’s the Beet?” is the title of a recent article printed in Time Magazine about celebrity chefs who are cutting back on the meat they serve in their restaurants.  You can access the full pdf article here:  Where’s the Beet? How Big name chefs are shrinking their customers’ carnivore quote (Article written by Joel Stein).

Here is an excerpt:

“It’s weird how hard you have to try not to eat a lot of meat.  Your French toast comes with a side of bacon; chicken is dumped on your salad; protein is the first dinner item you consider when shopping and the only one when pairing wine.  Raising, slaughtering, and butchering animals may be a lot of work, but buying meat is supereasy these days.  According to one academic’s crunching of the U.S. Department of Agriculture data, the average American over a lifetime consumes 21,000 animals – many, I presume, kind of by accident.

Some chefs are trying to lower that number.  Not by making their restaurants vegetarian, but by reducing the role of protein to what it had been before it got so damn cheap.  Houses and cars cost 14 times what they did 50 years ago, while the price of chicken hasn’t even doubled, because factory farming has become so efficient.  That helps explain why we eat 150 times as many chickens a year as we did 80 years ago.” 

Wolfgang Puck and Mario Batali are among the chefs who are making a change to use less meat.  To see other chefs and their strategies for reducing their customers’ meat intake, see the second page of the article.

Have a wonderful Meatless Monday.  Enjoy the changes!


8 thoughts on “Where’s the Beet?

  1. I love how you bring your passion here!!!

    Had a great all weight workout this morn.. I LOVE THE WEIGHTS!!!!!! I am seeing some addl changes in the age/hormone thing with the bod so starting to make more major changes to see how that goes.. change is good!

  2. I followed the link from Meatless Monday “Bloggers on Board” here, and found a very good blog! I will add it to my blogroll. My blog was just added to the Meatless Monday page last week. Our blogs share some common themes, fitness and healthy nutrition.

    I also see you are also a dailymiler!

    • Hi Vern! Thank you so much for your kind words and congrats to both of us for being added to the Bloggers on Board for the Meatless Monday Campaign. I was so surprised and happy when I saw InPerspire was listed!

      Your blog is inspiring and the posts are beautiful. Running Green – what could be better?! We will be visiting often and I am looking forward to your posts. You have reminded too, to not forget to update my Dailymile (I sometimes forget, but love that site).

      Have a peaceful and happy meatless monday!

  3. This is going to be a great week, I can just feel it. I think that this is a great post, and when I saw how the animals that we eat were being treated that is when I said no more meat, that was over 20 years ago, and I feel great.
    Started my day off with a great run, and at the end of the run we did crunches, squats, push ups, jump rope, and jumping jacks. Time to start work many things going on at Inperspire this week.

  4. Love the meatless post. Greg and I are doing a meatless pasta today and two other times this week.1 will probably be because we are having only hops and barley. Did not get a workout in today but have my clothes packed for tomorrow after work.

    • Yay for Dana and Greg! I know you guys do go meatless, but I also know some people in your house are carnivores so it is good that you are making such strides. We love you guys! No matter what, get that workout in tomorrow. I know it will make you very happy.

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