Goin’ To The Chapel And We’re…

Gonna get married
Goin’ to the chapel and we’re
Gonna get married
Gee, I really love you and we’re
Gonna get married
Goin’ to the chapel of love

Yes, we are deep in the midst of wedding planning!  It is hard to believe that the big day, for Robbie and Tricia, is less than a month away.  In preparation for the event, Jimmy wanted to watch Father of the Bride (even though he is father of the groom).  We watched the Steve Martin version (as opposed to the 1950 Spencer Tracy version).  It made us laugh so hard we cried 🙂 (we also shed a few tears for all that a wedding means to parents). 

Here is one of our favorite scenes from  Father of the Bride (it is sure to make you laugh).

I only wish we had a wedding planner like Franck Eggelhoffer! 

So, in the midst of wedding preparations, and getting ready for the start of the semester, and all that means, we are trying to continue to earn those gold stars…it’s going to be a busy, but joyful September!

The second installment of Mr. Jimmy’s “Mini Mid-Life Crisis” will post tomorrow.  Have a totally awesome Tuesday!


9 thoughts on “Goin’ To The Chapel And We’re…

  1. I can’t wait to attend Robbie and Tricia’s wedding. Hard to belive for Grandma and Grandpa that Robbie is old enough, but that old saying “Time passes quickly” is so very true. We know you guys are extremely busy right now. It seems like things will never slow down. (and they don’t) ha

    Took Dano for the usual walk yesterday around the park and then went up to Silver Fork Lake and walked around the lake. So pretty up there and seen a deer on the way back down.

    I’m off again this morn. for the park walk and then to Gr’s to help here out. Then to airport to drop Brindy and her husband off (off to Texas). Enjoyed them.

    See Ya—–Momb

  2. So we have the big to get ready for. Yes we stayed up until 3:30am on Sat watching the two movies, and it was worth it, they kill me. Darla say’s that I act like Steve Martin in the movie. We are all excited for the wedding and it will be nice having everyone in St. Louis.
    So today I may try and do some weights, but it needs to happen soon, because I need to get to the PO, Wash U, and be at TJ’s in 2 hours.

  3. I love that movie!!!!!! All the girls are married now thank goodness!!!

    Good workout this morn.. too hot though! Yes, the gym has AC but it ain’t being felt….. YIKES!


    • This is how our gym is too. When it is cold outside it is freezing in our gym and now that it is hot(for two days)it is hot in the gym. Good luck and I hope it cools just a bit for you!

  4. You have so much on your plate right now.

    When we got married, I let my husband do all of the planning with my mother. It was much, much smoother that way.

    I finally got Sunday’s long run in yesterday (in the rain – but I got it done; nothing happened on Sunday fitness-wise). It was sad having to pull on long sleeves when it’s still August. Doing a recovery run in the next half hour.

    Skipper has been sitting around. Not really as the weather hasn’t cooperated. He had a long walk on Saturday, nothing Sunday or yesterday, walk and bike ride today.

  5. Can’t twait for the big day!! Do Robbie and Tricia know they chose opening day of football season..they better know how much we love them to give up opening day for them..hahaha. I would do anything foir those two!! Greg and I went on a long walk, greg is testing his foot 1 1/2 weeks after the cortizone shot, let’s hope it is better!!!

  6. Congratulations on the big upcoming day!
    I hear you on the busy-ness of the new semester!

    Did an hour of Zumba last night! Yay, Stacy!!! She’s back and the room was packed! Great new music and dance moves!

    Just got back from an hour of resistance/weight training today. Felt good to get back in the groove.

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